10Casinos Exclusive Interview with Head of Account Management at EURASIAN Gaming

  • Apr 02, 2021
  • 9 min read

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Luca Richter, Head of Account Management, at EURASIAN Gaming, leading game provider for the iGaming Industry. EURASIAN Gaming specializes in creating top-notch slot games that are mainly designed for the European and Asian markets. Keep on reading to find out more insightful details about this stellar game developer!


Q: Greetings, Luca! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. Now let’s get going by introducing yourself and by telling us a little bit about EURASIAN Gaming.

Hello everybody and thanks for the opportunity of introducing myself. I’m Luca Richter and I’m Head of Account Management at EURASIAN Gaming. I’ve been working for the company since December 2019.

I was quite new in the iGaming industry but thanks to my manager and colleagues I had the chance to learn a lot in a short time. It was not always easy but it has been for sure really challenging and even funny. I like this kind of business a lot and I think that 2020 has been such an incredible and strange year for improving my skills due to Covid restrictions. 

Getting in touch with customers or finding new prospects hasn’t always been easy by working remotely. I had to find new ways to achieve goals by adapting to the virtual world. When you can’t join events (e.g. ICE or Sigma), that are so important for showing your products off, and you can’t get a “real” cup of coffee with a customer, you just have to find new ways for building business relations. 

During the lockdown, I remember I was starting endless skype calls in the late afternoon with some prospects by drinking a virtual beer to relax and have some fun after the business talk. Some of those prospects turned into customers. I’m not saying that those virtual beers did a lot but maybe they gave us the chance to share ideas and details in a more friendly way.

Speaking of EURASIAN Gaming, the company was founded in 2018 with the goal of proposing high-quality games on the market. We are organized in two branches: one dealing with the Asian market and the second one, in which I work, dealing with the rest of the world. 

We have more than 50 games, totally made in-house. Ours is the design, the logic, the code and the concepts. We’re very proud of what we could achieve, especially because due to COVID restrictions, as I said before, the way we run our tasks had to change.

We’re currently live in many casinos, some of them are really important. Those goals have been reached in just one year of hard work and we’re really proud of that as the iGaming business is highly competitive.

Q: EURASIAN Gaming has developed and released a significant amount of games so far. In your own view, what is the definition of a high-quality slot game? 

It is my opinion that there are no magic words nor magic skills for building an excellent product. Market and customers certify a top game or a bad one. Either way, I think that a high-quality product is not only the one offering the best gaming experience with top design and features but also the one offering the easiest way to get fun. 

In each of our games, we pay attention to every aspect: graphic, logic, and UX. We run a lot of brainstorming and benchmark for picking up the best ideas and explore where the market is going. 

Sometimes, we can anticipate some upcoming trends. In Italy, for example, we have been one of the first providers in launching and certifying the Buy-Bonus feature. It allows players to enter the bonus by paying a fee related to the bet and the game logic. We’re having a good ROI and the operators gave us good feedback.

Eurasian Slot

Q: Out of all EURASIAN Gaming titles, which one do you think it’s the most successful of 2020, and what is your favorite EURASIAN slot game? 

If I had to compare the different markets in which we are present, I'd say that our top products are Lady Hawk, Octagon Gem, Hot Fruits, and Chilli Hunter. Our video bingo games are performing very well too, but that’s another story.

My favourite slot is Chilli Hunter. I love its design, gaming experience and bonus features. Last but not least I really like its Mexican theme especially for the visuals showing nachos and chilli. As I’m a great fan of Mexican food, every time I spin for fun on Chilli Hunter, I feel hungry! :-)

Eurasian Slot Chilli Hunter

Q: What inspired the company’s name and the branding? Is there an interesting story behind it? 

No spy story to tell I’m afraid. As we’re a company operating mostly in Europe and Asia, our management picked up the name EURASIAN. 

Q: Now let’s plunge into your latest releases and share with us a little bit about your newest addition, Fortune Festival. What can you tell our readers about this title?

Fortune Festival is one of our most recent releases. It’s an Asian-themed slot. The product is entirely made by us. This new fantasy game has 4x5 reels with 1024 win-ways paylines, internal jackpot and Gold Reel function to let players have the higher chance of winning. We’re pushing it a lot and we’re confident that we will receive good feedback from the market, especially in Asia.

Eurasian Slot Fortune Festival

Q: Can you share with us what a working day at EURASIAN Gaming looks like? What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

First of all, we’re a team in which anyone counts. We like to share ideas and to proceed to goals all together. For this reason one of the activities that we regularly run are meetings.

On my side, as Head of Account Management, my daily tasks are primarily focused on our customers. I check the performance of our live games, talk to customers regarding new coming games and listen to their needs. 

Another task is related to suggesting or discussing strategies for pushing our products and giving them a special focus with promotions or online races. 

Another part of my job is to analyze the iGaming market in order to find new opportunities and new prospects. I share this task with my colleague running the business development and with the management, if something special is coming up. 

I also spend part of my day at work by being in contact with the dev team for updates regarding the integration processes, development of new games and the certification of our products for regulated markets.


Q: We know for sure that your fans are very impatient to try out new EURASIAN games. Do you have any games coming up in the near future? 

We have some new products coming up. Some of them are slots and some others are video bingos. We usually release two new games per month, so we’re always very active on this side…but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. 

I can surely say that we’re very focused on the release of new products with interesting features and great look and feel. I’m sure our fans will be happy. :-)



Q: Are you focusing on any specific markets at the moment? What markets would you like to enter in the future? Do you have any direction planned for EURASIAN Gaming in this new decade or are you just going with the flow? 

At this moment we’re very active in Asia. Speaking of the “rest of the world”, we’re very active in both Europe and Latam and are interested in joining new challenges wherever it’s possible. We’re currently live on many casinos (e.g. in Italy and Peru) and soon we will be ready for new important markets like Spain, Colombia and Lithuania. 

We’re also very interested in other opportunities (e.g. U.K.) and we’re working hard to be ready as soon as possible. For the new decade, we plan to launch new kinds of products but I can’t provide many details. 

iGaming is a very fast and growing business. In 10 years, many things can happen and change. We do our best in order to get as many inputs as possible in order to discover where the industry is moving to.

Q: We had a great time learning more about EURASIAN Gaming and its products. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

I want to thank you for this very interesting conversation. It has been great meeting you and having the chance to provide more details about EURASIAN Gaming and our products. I invite your readers to get updated on our upcoming games and to provide feedback. 

I think it’s really important to get suggestions or critics from the customers because, although we’re a B2B company, players are the ones that will use our products. Once again, thanks a lot for this opportunity and….let’s stay in touch!

 Eurasian Gaming Slots

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we enjoyed interviewing Luca. We definitely learned a lot of new things and all that’s left to do now is spin the reels of some fun EURASIAN Gaming titles! Good luck!


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