Exclusive Interview with John Rose, Affiliate Program Director at DuckyLuck Casino

  • Feb 14, 2022
  • 7 min read

10Casinos is delighted to introduce John Rose, Affiliate Program Director at DuckyLuck Casino, a relatively new gambling platform with extraordinary potential. 

John will welcome you to DuckyLuck Casino's magical realm of thrilling games, generous bonus offers, and an amazing community of players.

Keep on reading to find out all of DuckyLuck's secrets and join up to become the ultimate lucky duck to win all the prizes!

10Casinos: Hello, John! We'd like to express our gratitude for agreeing to this interview and for providing our audience with the opportunity to learn more about DuckyLuck Casino. Could you tell us a little bit about the casino's origins, to begin with? When was it founded, and how did you come up with such a unique name?

John: DuckyLuck.ag is our second brand, launched a year after SportsandCasino.com. We wanted to create a brand that was bright and colorful and that would be inviting to both casual and more serious gamblers. The name is a play on “lucky duck”, as who doesn’t want to be one of those!

10Casinos: In three words, how would you define DuckyLuck Casino? 

John: Fun, attractive, friendly!

10Casinos: What are the biggest challenges in the industry for DuckyLuck Casino at the moment?

John: This is a tough one as we have been overwhelmed with the success of the site today.  It resonates well with our players, and despite all of the competitive gaming sites out there, our players have been very loyal to our brand.

10Casinos: In a competitive market, what do you think DuckyLuck Casino’s strengths and primary differentiators are?

John: DuckyLuck provides some of the best bonuses online, and when combined with our excellent rewards program we’ve been able to find a nice place in the market.  

duckyluck casino bonus
Adding cryptocurrencies for processing has been a huge boost as well as it makes depositing and withdrawing fast and easy, and provides players with even greater rewards.

10Casinos: What kind of gambling entertainment does DuckyLuck Casino provide? What are your website's most engaging and entertaining features?

John: The two main verticals we satisfy are slots play, and live dealer casino action.  With a great selection of several hundred different slots, including progressives, players are able to find more than enough games to keep them entertained.  

duckyluck casino games
The live casino appeals to players who prefer more traditional casino table games, including blackjack and roulette.

10Casinos: Personalization of the gaming experience is crucial for customer engagement and retention. How do you focus your efforts in this area?

John: The moment a player registers with DuckyLuck they are enrolled in our rewards program.  Once they start to play for real money they open up a whole host of additional features including personal managers for higher limit players.  

duckyluck bucks reward
Everyone earns cash back immediately, in addition to other perks, and we also have an active social media community.

10Casinos: What are DuckyLuck's most popular games? What has been the biggest jackpot at your casino this far?

John: Not surprisingly, slots and blackjack games lead the pack for popularity, with the slot Mythic Wolf being the single most popular. The largest jackpot on Ducky was $102K, with another 11 over $50K in the past several months.

10Casinos: Do you have any predictions for 2022? What do you think the market trend will be this year? How about Duckyluck’s growth plans for 2022?

John: As more people are able to finally head back to their offices, we may see this have a small effect on overall growth, but we’ve had such a great response since our launch that we fully expect growth to continue at a similar rate to what we’ve been experiencing.

10Casinos: What is your take on cryptocurrency in this industry, and how do you feel about players that want to deposit with it?

John: We are huge fans and providing support for cryptocurrencies is our top priority. We have a new “Crypto Elite” Enhancement program going live in the coming weeks that provides even better rewards than our standard program.  

10Casinos: As a casino that offers some of the best bonus deals in the industry, what factors do you take into account when designing bonuses?

John: The most important thing is to make bonuses attainable.  If you make them too difficult to complete then all you do is generate player disappointment. 

We let players select their bonuses so that they are clearly informed of any terms associated with them, and we regularly offer bonuses without any restrictions at all!

10Casinos: In such a fast-paced industry, how do you keep up with your customers’ wants and needs?

John: Last year we added live chat for all players, and this has proven to be beneficial to everyone.  We’re focused on quick responses to questions and concerns, and to meeting our promised payout parameters. 

10Casinos: What communication channels do you use to keep in touch with your customers?

John: Our live chat is available 24/7, and players can also send emails.  Our higher tier rewards members also have access to live hosts by toll-free telephone.

10Casinos: How did players react to the ‘Sweepstakes’, DuckyLuck Casino’s latest project?

John: This was our first attempt at a social-media-centric sweepstakes promotion, and it has been excellent.  Response has been really positive, growing each week, and we’re awarding a trip to Vegas at the end of this month which should be a lot of fun! 

We’re now getting great photos from some of our winners with their merchandise prize packages.

10Casinos: Now that the interview has come to an end, do you have anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

John: All of us at DuckyLuck.ag continue to work hard every day to provide our players with the most entertaining experience possible. We have lots of new games coming, even bigger promotions, and more contests in the works. 

If you’re already a member, thanks.  If you’re new to DuckyLuck, we look forward to welcoming you to your new online gaming home!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed John's perspective on DuckyLuck and all of the amazing things they have planned for their players. 

All that's left to do now is for you to check out DuckyLuck Casino and see for yourself how fantastic this gambling platform is. Wishing you the best of luck!


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