Exclusive Interview With KIRILL MIROSHNICHENKO, Sales Director at ENDORPHINA

  • Aug 27, 2021
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Meet Kirill Miroshnicenko, Endorphina’s Sales Director, in this captivating, new interview. You will have the chance to learn more about Endorphina from his perspective and discover many insightful details. Enjoy!

kirill miroshnicenko sales director endorphina

10Casinos: Hello, Kirill! We’d like to thank you for accepting to answer our questions. We really appreciate it! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a few words about Endorphina?

Kirill: Hello, thanks a lot to the 10Casinos team for this chance to share a bit more about Endorphina.  

My name is Kirill. I am the Sales Director at Endorphina and I am responsible for entering new markets, building strong relationships with the partners, and the growth of the company in general.

Regarding our company, Endorphina is a leading B2B software developer that is used by some of the most successful platforms and operators in the iGaming industry. 

endorphina logo
The developer has been present on the global market since 2012 and releases at least 12 games annually. The headquarters of the company is located in Prague. 

10Casinos: Where does Endorphina’s name come from? Is there a story behind it?

Kirill: Endorphina’s name was created as a result of a long conversation with a professor of genetics. We tried to find out more about endorphins, from a scientific perspective. 

Endorphina is derived from endorphins, which is related to the incentives and rewards in human behavior. Endorphina represents exactly the reward and victory that we as a company always expect our players to experience from our games. 

We also consider Endorphina as feminine and lucky - which is why we believe she is our players' true Lady Luck! And we constantly wish the best of luck to all our players who enjoy and love our games. This is what we strive to express by the name of our company!

10Casinos: What are your predictions for 2021 regarding gaming trends? Are there any particular areas of the gameplay that you think will develop this year?

Kirill: In 2021, I see the trend of introducing unique mechanics. A lot of providers are experimenting with new functionalities inside of slot games, but for me personally as a player, it’s important to understand the math and logic of the slot game.

So, the new functionality is always good. It pushes the market, but it’s also important to keep the balance and not to confuse players with too many complicated features.

One of the recent trends is a bonus-buy feature. As well as other providers, Endorphina introduced its very own feature called Bonus Pop. 

Players can try the new feature in the following slots now: Akbar and Birbal, Fruletta, Joker Stoker, Rooster Fury, Book of Santa, Mystery of Eldorado, and more.

akbar slot game endorphina
10Casinos: Can you share with us a little bit about your experience as a software provider for crypto casinos?

Kirill: For us as a provider, we don't have differences between crypto casinos and other casinos. We deliver the same high-level games. We support games with all the main cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, we have one interesting award slot, which all crypto lovers should try - Satoshi’s Secret. It’s the first-ever bitcoin slot game that will let you discover the encrypted world of 0s and 1s. 

satoshi's secret slot game endorphina
It’s not just the Bitcoin topic but also the hackers Matrix-inspired environment that makes this game unique. Endorphina’s slot features both six reels and two bonus games.

10Casinos: You’ve launched a new title, FRULETTA. What inspired the creation of this game?

Kirill: We were inspired by the classic French roulette. However, instead of boring black-and-red classics, we decided to deck it up in royal blue, whirling with all the hues of luck! 

fruletta slot game endorphina
Its seductive and delicious appearance is framed in bright gold, displaying a one-of-a-kind blend of cutting-edge mathematics and thrilling gaming challenges.

10Casinos: You’ve attended some of the most important conferences in the iGaming industry. What are the benefits of taking part in these events?

Kirill: If we are talking about conferences and exhibitions, we are taking it very seriously. Our marketing team prepares a few months in advance to make each event unique and unforgettable.

Last year, we brought a real 17-ton tank to ICE, as it was a premiere of our new slot - Cash Tank. Our visitors could take photos with our tank and chill inside of it with some tasty drinks.

cash tank slot game endorphina

But that's not all, we really wanted to make it unforgettable by having our tank shoot out real cash every single hour! Yes, real cash and hundreds of USD were being shot from the cannon for our visitors to grab and take home.

The main benefit is to show our leading position in the iGaming industry and keep the reputation as the company with the most interesting stands. :-)

10Casinos: Jakub Kolomičenko, Endorphina’s Head of Legal, was a speaker at SiGMA Roadshow – Nigeria, discussing the rise of the Nigerian gaming industry. What are the most attractive aspects of the African iGaming market?

Kirill: The market has a huge potential. Sportsbook is very popular there and since the first wave of the pandemic, players started to discover casinos as a substitution during postponed and canceled sports events. 

Since that time, we've seen a big growth of popularity in slots. We have a dedicated team who specifically works with African partners as we see this market as one of the most promising in the iGaming industry in the next following years.

10Casinos: Out of all Endorphina’s game titles, which ones are your favorites? And which ones have been the most successful, so far?

Kirill: I love classic slots, it gives me some feelings of the game that you can find in land-based casinos. For me, Chance Machine 20 remains my favorite slot. I can play it endlessly. Fortunately, we recently released a new classic themed slot - Hell Hot 20. This is my second favorite game.

chance machine 20 slot game endorphina
If we are talking about the most successful games, I immediately think of Minotaurus, as this slot has such unique math, with huge potential. In certain markets, the slot became super popular, and players named it differently and developed some traditions around it. During the bonus feature, players started to jump with Minotaurus to get a bigger multiplier! 

10Casinos: How many games are produced per month/per year at Endorphina? Can you tell us a little bit about the game development process?

Kirill: We are trying to release at least one or two games per month to delight players with something new from Endorphina.

Each slot game has a different story behind it and a unique direction. In some cases, the theme and logic of the game are based on ethnicity. We are quite famous when it comes to ethnic slot games. I can use our release as an example - Akbar & Birbal. 

This is a legendary story of the great emperor Akbar and Radja Birbal and their unforgettable adventures! We're excited to give our players the chance to explore such an extraordinary culture and its luxurious traditions within Southern Asia. 

This slot also comes with unlimited Free Games, additional multipliers, and a risk game to reward our wisest players

10Casinos: We’re always excited for new games on the market! Do Endorphina fans have something to look forward to in 2021 and beyond?

Kirill: This year, we will continue to delight our players with new releases. Hell Hot 20 was just recently released.

hell hot slot game endorphina

In addition, we already introduced new functionality in games, such as the Buy feature. Players can already enjoy Bonus Pop in Book of Santa, Minotaurus, and Twerk. 

Also, we are currently working on entering a new GEO for us, to allow more players to enjoy Endorphina games.

10Casinos: When it comes to promoting new games, what tools do you use? Does social media have a big role in your marketing strategy?

Kirill: The most successful way of promoting new releases is by being featured on our partners’ social media. Currently, our games are available in more than 1,000 casinos. 

Almost every casino has its own social media and other media distribution channels. Of course, we have our own media partners and social media, but we are mostly focusing on B2B promotion.

10Casinos: Lastly, what markets does Endorphina target right now? Do you have any plans to enter new markets in the near future?

Kirill: Last year, we entered a few strategic markets. We got the ONJN license (Romania) and successfully entered the markets of Croatia and Belarus. All markets are quite interesting with huge potential! 

This year, we will continue our expansion into the Balkan region. Furthermore, we have also prepared some exciting news regarding entering new markets, so stay tuned!

10Casinos: Is there something else you’d like to say to our readers?

Kirill: I wish all the readers good luck and a future full of big wins! However, the main thing is to not forget that a casino is entertainment, not a way to make money.


We hope you enjoyed Kirill’s insights on Endorphina and all the exciting things they have in store for their players. Now, all that’s left to do is try out some Endorphina titles and see for yourself how awesome they are. Best of luck to you!


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