Interview Collaboration with Wolfy Casino’s Affiliate Manager - Davor Kunčič

  • Dec 03, 2021
  • 9 min read had the pleasure of interviewing Davor Kunčič, Affiliate Manager at Wolfy Casino, a new but promising online gambling site on the market. Since its inception, not so long ago, Wolfy Casino has already delighted its players with a wide variety of games and bonuses. 

But let’s find out more about this from Davor who was kind enough to share with us some very interesting details about Wolfy Casino. Enjoy!


10Casinos: Hello, Davor! We would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to do this interview and for giving our readers the chance to learn more about Wolfy Casino. Now, how would you describe Wolfy Casino to someone who has never heard of it?

Davor: I must also thank you for inviting me! It’s a pleasure to talk about Wolfy Casino and share more details about what we’ve been up to with your readers. I cannot believe there is anyone in this world who has not heard about Wolfy Casino, haha!

Jokes aside, Wolfy Casino is an online casino that was established at the start of 2020, just before the pandemic hit us. 

In terms of games, Wolfy Casino offers as much as every other decent online casino. It has slots, jackpot slots, table games, and live casino games. You will probably find more than 5000 games available at the moment. 

There is one thing that sets Wolfy Casino apart from other casinos  - the wager-free bonuses that allow you to withdraw at any time you wish.  

10Casinos: Wolfy Casino is a very interesting name choice for a gambling website. What’s the story behind it?
Davor: To be honest with you, I have no idea who actually picked that name or what story is behind it.

The casino was already named like this when I started there. I would say that someone must have really liked wolves, haha. :) 

10Casinos: In your opinion, what are Wolfy Casino’s strengths, and what makes it different from other online casinos in the industry?

Davor: In my opinion, there are too many copy-paste casinos these days, where the only difference is the layout and the design.

In order to stand out from the crowd, we are working really hard to build trust with our players. We know that positive feedback is worth a lot, so we try to treat every player as a part of our big family and not just as a number. 

I must say that here at Wolfy, if you have any problems or queries, we will take care of your needs right away.
In my experience, the big casinos in the industry most of the time lack human touch.

So, I would say that this is what separates us from them. We may be small but we try to be close to our users and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Regarding other strengths, I can list out a great selection of games and providers you can find on our website, as well as always trying our best to constantly improve player experience.

10Casinos: What are Wolfy Casino’s latest achievements in terms of gambling services?

Davor: I must say that we are constantly improving and adding new features to make Wolfy even more enjoyable for the players.

The latest feature we have introduced is the “Tournaments”, in which players can compete daily for cash prizes and free spins.

We have guaranteed tournaments and freerolls and those players who get the biggest multipliers will top the leaderboard and get awarded. 

10Casinos: How do you keep up with this fast-paced industry and market trends? Is it difficult to maintain authenticity?

Davor: New casinos spring up like mushrooms nowadays and the competition is getting tougher. Therefore, you need to watch out for the competition and notice where the trends are going in order to keep up. 

With all that new brands coming in, it is also hard to maintain authenticity, and here I have some wild ideas for the future, but we will see if they ever get realized. 

Crypto is on the rise in recent years, and with its popularity, we can see how much it is also changing the gambling industry.

10Casinos: What does Wolfy Casino offer in terms of gambling entertainment? If you’d had to choose only one fun feature on your website, what would it be?

Davor: At Wolfy, you will find basically everything that you desire for a casino to have. If you are a fan of slots, I am sure that you will love our collection of thousands of slots from more than 60 providers. 

Then, we also have a great live casino section with all of the popular live casino games, where you can bet from pennies to a few thousand euros per bet if you are a high roller. 

We try to please every group of players, for example for recreational players, I would advise claiming our welcome wager free bonuses, which are great for the start to increase your bankroll. 

At the same time, I would not advise those bonuses for high rollers, because of the maximum withdrawal limit of the bonuses, but for those players, we have our VIP club, where they will be eligible for other perks and benefits.
I must say that for me the most fun feature is the tournaments, as I like to compete with others and at the same time claim prizes. Also, bonus buy slots would be another one, because I am a man of action and with those bonus buys features the action is instant.

10Casinos: How do you keep in touch with your customers? Do you use social media to communicate with your audience?

Davor: We communicate through our live chat and email support, but besides that, we also use Facebook and Instagram. But mostly we use Instagram where we read every comment and personal message that is sent to us. 

Also, if we have the time, we chat a bit with our players and ask them how they find Wolfy, so we can get direct feedback. 

10Casinos: What are Wolfy Casino’s plans for the near future? 

Davor: The plan is to grow and expand, to continue our great relationships with our players and partners, and to make Wolfy Casino known worldwide as a fair and reputable casino. 

Besides that we would also like to add new payment methods for the players, so they will have more choice, and for the tournaments, we plan to have bigger prize pools provided exclusively from our providers.  

We might also squeeze in another brand, so Wolfy might get a brother or sister, but hey, let this be a surprise! 

10Casinos: Davor, why did you choose the iGaming industry, and what is your advice for someone who wants to embrace this industry as well?

Davor: I didn't choose iGaming, iGaming chose me, haha! I have never imagined that I will end up in this industry, but as far as I can remember I always loved a famous Hollywood movie with Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Sharon Stone in it - Casino. It’s my favorite movie to this day, and now here I am running one. 

My path in iGaming started accidentally by dropping out of college and getting the chance to work for one new white-label, where we focused mostly on sportsbooks and a bit of casino. 

This was back in 2017 when I did not have any knowledge of iGaming, so I just learned mainly from my mistakes. After having a taste of it, I knew that this was my passion and that it was one of the rare things that I enjoy working on, so here I am now. 

And before that, I really did try a bunch of different jobs and quit everywhere in a span of two weeks maximum, haha. 

I would advise anyone who wants to work in this industry to go for it! If that interests you, then you will most likely enjoy it. Prepare for lots of action, thrill, excitement, fun, challenges, and stress at the same time, but just as in every industry, there are not only rainbows and sunshine.  

This industry is kind of a wild west for me and also the people in it. Well, it’s definitely not as formal as other industries, and that is what I love so much. 

10Casinos: We had a great time learning more about Wolfy Casino and its products. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Davor: In the end, I would like to say to your readers that they are all more than welcome to Wolfy Casino! Come by and take a look at what Wolfy offers and maybe you will find your new favorite casino. 

Other than that, stay safe, keep your gambling under control, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that someone playing at Wolfy hits a Mega Moolah Jackpot! :)

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Wolfy Casino, just as much as we enjoyed chatting with Davor. Now all that’s left to do is go over to Wolfy Casino’s website and give it a try. Good luck!


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