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  • Aug 07, 2018
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The top 10 movies introducing casino robberies were enjoyed by the audience over the time. Some of these titles were blockbusters, with thousands of spectators worldwide. Even their subject is about or related to heists and robberies, and the manner in which they were put on film managed to surprise many aspects of the casinos world. Here is the list of ten of the best movies having casino robbery in the main frame.

1. Now You See Me

Directed by Louis Leterrier (famous for previous films like "The Transporter”, "Transporter 2", "Unleashed", "Clash of the Titans" and "The Incredible Hulk), "Now You See Me" is a special movie, that combines the robbers' world with magic, creating a spectacular fantasy universe. The subject is built around a bank-robbing team composed of illusionists, who are similar to the Four Horsemen (a street magician, interpreted by Jesse Eisenberg; his ex-assistant, interpreted by Isla Fisher, a sleight-of-hand artist, interpreted by Dave Franco and a mentalist, interpreted by Woody Harrelson). They performed an illusion number in Las Vegas when the audience was teleported in a bank vault. Money suddenly disappeared, instead bills raining over the delirious audience. Other characters, related to the magic domain or the casino world appear: an FBI agent interpreted by Mark Ruffalo and a former magician, greatly interpreted by Morgan Freeman. Using a series of tricks (disguised in magic movements) they are able to escape and perform different robberies, aiming to destroy the character performed by Freeman.

2. Ocean's Thirteen

One of the best movies inspired by robberies is Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Thirteen", a modern combination of action, high level of adrenaline and plenty casino scenes. Danny Ocean’s team is ready again for a big hit, carefully prepared in their unique style. Based on the French movie “Bob le Flambeur" ("Bob the Gambler", 1956) directed by the Jean-Pierre Melville, the third film from the Ocean’s series has in the main frame the battle against Willie Banks (interpreted by Al Pacino), a double-crosser casino owner who tricked one of Danny’s partners, Reuben Tishkoff. Again, his team (Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Matt Damon etc.) reunites for a new tricky plan having George Clooney who completes the masterpiece of the plan. This time is about hitting a new casino and subtract all gains (as this team always did).

3. Bonnie and Clyde

Everyone is familiar with the gangster-lovers story, who robbed American bank vaults and stunned thousands of people worldwide. Many films about their love and crime story were produced, but one of the best is the movie where the main characters were performed by Faye Dunaway (as Bonnie Parker) and Warren Beatty (as Clyde Barrow). Produced in 1967, "Bonnie and Clyde" is an epic and iconic movie, with many clever replicas and dialogues, action scenes (the final battle scene is hard to forget, as it includes the robbers' execution). Yes, there is a robbing scene, when C.W. parked the getaway car wrongly and the rob fails. Overall, this gangster movie is highly recommended to all casino fans.

4. Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven was filmed in 2001 and opened a series of four movies having casino robberies as their main theme. Danny Ocean’s team is formed from big Hollywood stars including Matt Damon, Brad Pitt or Don Cheadle and a gracious feminine presence, Julia Roberts, whose main target is to hit three casinos from Las Vegas, owned by the same person, Terry Benedict (interpreted by Andy Garcia). They intended to steal $150 million from MGM Grand Casino, Bellagio Casino and Mirage Casino (most famous Las Vegas casinos) and already had the perfect plan to make it. Inspired from the 1960’s French action movies, Steven Soderbergh's iconic movie reopened the taste of viewers for films that capture the wonderful world of casinos.

5. Ocean's Twelve

Three years after the first robbery, Danny Ocean’s team is back in business even if they made it to steal $150 million from Terry Benedict. Why? Because Terry is threatening the team to go to jail if he won't get his money back. Rusty Ryan, Linus Caldwell and Danny Ocean create a new brilliant plan to gain this money and complete the task for Benedict. This time, the plan includes a police officer interpreted by Catherine Zeta-Jones, and as always their plan is full of risks as it involves robbing a big mob casino.

6. Reindeer Games

Created as a puzzle movie, “Reindeer Games” is a remarkable masterpiece, with many twists, full of action scenes and plenty of great characters. The main characters are interpreted by Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise and James Frain. Pretending to be his former cell colleague, Nick, Rudy gets involved in a wild and passionate love story with Nick’s fiancé, Ashley. Ashley is the sister of a gang of gunrunner’s chief, Gabriel, who plan to rob a casino from Michigan and needs Nick's security knowledge. Rudy realizes he made a big mistake pretending to be someone else, and this is the opening start of a movie full of surprises and action.  

7. 3000 Miles to Graceland

The story of this movie is beautifully scripted and directed by Neil Jordan, who creates a delightful, full of action and adrenaline film about a gang of robbers who want to rob a casino masquerade as Elvis impersonators. A huge list of Hollywood stars (Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Christian Slater) contribute to creating an atmosphere that keeps you breathless.

8. The Good Thief

The Good Thief is interpreted by Hollywood star Nick Nolte, a person who already walked on the path to perdition (he's a heroin addict and a thief), but wants to escape from this hell. Getting at the lowest point of his life, he plans to steal some valuable paintings from a Monte Carlo casino. Directed by Neil Jordan (who was also the director and writer for 3000 Miles to Graceland), the movie is an interesting combination of character study, funny gags, and action.

“If I don't get my money back by Monday, what I do to your faces will definitely be Cubist." Ralph Fiennes, performing the role of an art dealer.

9. 5 against the House

Produced in 1955, “5 Against the House” is a movie about a group of students who are on their way to Reno intending to rob a club - Harold’s Club. This gang is so mottled, being composed of the craziest people (a nerd, a rich kid, a crazy dude, a decent guy and a nightclub girl). Having a stupid plan, their chances are low, but, as always life is full of surprises. The movie was filmed in a real casino is Nevada, which brought a big plus to the atmosphere.

10. 21

Inspired from a real story (the MIT team existed in reality and made huge gains from counting cards in blackjack games in Las Vegas casinos), “21” it is a great movie to watch due its action atmosphere. Under a math teacher led (Mickey Rosa), six students from Boston’s MIT University are highly trained in blackjack cards counting and prepared to gain millions.


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