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Want to learn everything there is to know about joining a Bitcoin casino? You’ve come to the right place! On this 10Casinos Bitcoin review page, you will find all the necessary information to get started and make your first deposits at Bitcoin casinos.

We’ve also created a list for you of the best Bitcoin casino on the market and you can use the filters to find top-rated casino sites, even those which offer no deposit bonuses.

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United States
Casino Welcome package Deposit Withdrawal
United States
5.0 Limitless Casino
100 Free Spins Bonus 100% First deposit bonus
United States
6.6 DuckyLuck Casino
500% + 150 FS First deposit bonus
United States
7.0 Diamond Reels Casino
75 Free Spins Bonus 250% First deposit bonus
United States
7.0 Slotgard Casino
60 Free Spins Bonus 300% First deposit bonus
United States
6.7 Juicy Stakes Casino
200% + 100 FS First deposit bonus
United States
- Metaspins Casino
57% Rakeback First deposit bonus
United States
- Bitslot Casino
100% First deposit bonus
United States
- Slots N Roll Casino
300% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
United States
9.0 Bingo Village Casino
$25 + 100 FS No Deposit Bonus 200% First deposit bonus
United States
6.0 Casino Castle
$10 + 100 FS No Deposit Bonus 250% First deposit bonus

Why should you pay with Bitcoin at online casinos?

The first mention of Bitcoin goes back to 2008 and its inventor remains anonymous to this day, however, it became the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It’s also the first-ever digital currency to use the peer-to-peer system.

best Bitcoin casino with cryptocurrency payments

Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade and became accepted by a wide number of vendors on the internet. The iGaming market is no exception and there are currently plenty of online casinos accepting Bitcoin transactions.

An important aspect that makes these casinos popular comes from their increased safety. Blockchain transactions use pseudonyms, making sure that the real identity of the parties remains always hidden even if the transactions can be verified by the user.

Players that live in countries where gambling is under a grey zone or is under the monopoly of the state often resort to Bitcoin casinos for privacy reasons. Another great thing about anonymous transactions is that they add another layer of security to your transactions. 

Using the peer-to-peer system, Bitcoin transactions are not only safe but also incredibly fast, rivaling e-wallets. Actually, most of the Fast Payout Casinos are Bitcoin gambling websites. 

Lastly, the entire blockchain is a decentralized system not owned by any government or financial institution. Bitcoin is created through a process called mining which is practically an algorithm where a new block is created and added to the blockchain.

Not being owned by any government means that no authority can check your account, freeze it or stop a transaction.


Getting started with Bitcoin

What makes Bitcoin so special is that this payment system involves no currency that can be owned. While this fact adds a lot of benefits it also means that it involves a more complex process compared to credit and debit cards or other online payments. 

Bitcoin casino payments on mobile

First of all, you will need to create a digital wallet using an email address. A great example is where you can go and open a Bitcoin account to create your digital wallet. 

There are three types of Bitcoin wallets:

  • Hardware wallets
  • Mobile or desktop wallets
  • Web wallets

For casino transaction purposes we will only be referring to the last two of them. 

Once you have managed to create your Bitcoin wallet and you have access to the Bitcoin app, it doesn’t mean the process is over. You still need to top it up with cryptos and that’s not going to happen through a bank transfer or a Bitcoin visa prepaid card.

You will also need to spend money and buy Bitcoins that can be moved to your digital wallet. You can do so from any stock website like Moon Pay. On any of these websites, you will also need to create an account and choose a standard way to transfer money and convert normal currency into Bitcoins. 

You will have to generate a Bitcoin address in your digital wallet to move the actual cryptos from the exchange website to your wallet. There will also be a tiny fee, less than $1 for the transaction.

Once the Bitcoins are in your wallet, you can proceed to the next step and pay online using Bitcoin.


Deposit and Withdrawal from a Casino Using Bitcoin

There are many players, especially new ones, who ask themselves how to withdraw money from Bitcoin casinos or how to make a Bitcoin deposit. The process may seem complex at first, but once you have completely set up your cryptocurrency wallet and you have found sites that accept Bitcoin, things are quite easy. 

How to deposit at online casinos using Bitcoin

Because of the need for a specific cryptocurrency wallet, deposits with Bitcoin are considered a little more tricky than others. However, once you have completed setting up a virtual Bitcoin wallet and your money is in your account, things get pretty simple and you only need a few extra steps. 

  1. Go to the casino’s homepage and log in to your player account

  2. Go to the Cashier section and select Bitcoin as a deposit method

  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to deposit. A series of instructions will follow and you will have to provide some information.

  4. Since transfers with Bitcoin are almost instantaneous, you should be able to use your new balance in no time.

This is also the moment when you can pick the desired bonus at your selected Bitcoin casino since you can benefit from the welcome bonus or the first deposit offer. 

How to withdraw from a casino using Bitcoin

The process of withdrawal from a Bitcoin online casino is very similar to the Bitcoin deposit process and any other casino withdrawal that involves cryptocurrencies. Here is the simplified process step by step:

  1. Go to your casino and log in to your player account 

  2. Head to the cashier section and select Bitcoin as the withdrawal option

  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to withdraw and your email address

  4. The amount of cash withdrawn should be available in your Bitcoin wallet very fast

Once the cryptocurrency is in your Bitcoin wallet, you have multiple options. You can keep them as they are for future uses or change them into a standard currency of your choice by withdrawing them from the Bitcoin wallet with a credit card or through a bank account.


Pros and cons of joining Bitcoin casinos

Just like any other gambling website, Bitcoin online casinos come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and a top casino payment choice, especially in countries where classic methods are unavailable. However, it is better to know everything before making a decision so let’s take a close look at the facts.



Your Bitcoin transactions can’t be blocked and the account can’t be frozen since the blockchain is a decentralized system not owned by any government or financial institution. 

The blockchain system is not owned by anyone so there is no owner or authority to control it. This means that if you ever run into a problem, it will be very hard to contact someone or have your problem fixed.

Bitcoin transaction taxes are far lower compared to any other e-commerce company like e-wallets. For gamblers, fewer taxes means more money to play with. 

Transactions with Bitcoin are done straight away due to how the system works. While this is a great thing because transactions are insanely fast, there is no way to charge back. Once a transaction is confirmed the money will be sent and you can’t cancel the transaction. 

All Bitcoin casino transactions are registered on the network and you can easily check the history of transactions between you and the casino.  

All cryptocurrencies are volatile and Bitcoin is no exception. The value of a block may change in just hours.

Bitcoin transactions remain hidden. Gamblers that live in countries where gambling is under a grey zone or is illegal often resort to Bitcoin casinos for these reasons. Even in countries where gambling is completely legal, full privacy adds another layer of security to your transactions. 

Bitcoin casinos are popular but not yet as popular as other casinos and this payment method is not yet accepted by every single gambling website around the world. 

Thanks to the peer-to-peer system, Bitcoin deposit is usually instantaneous and withdrawals are much faster compared to other payment methods. 

Bitcoin online casino transactions are harder to make and require additional steps compared to other payment methods even if the transactions themselves are much faster.


Bitcoin Casino Transfer Times

Bitcoin casino transfers are incredibly fast compared to other payment methods and are usually done instantaneously or in a matter of minutes.

If some delays appear, this might happen for a couple of reasons. For example, the transactions have yet to be verified by the blockchain. (Usually, the transaction needs several confirmations which may vary from seconds to up to 10 minutes). 

When it comes to withdrawals, things are a little bit more complicated. The withdrawals from the casino to your Bitcoin wallet are very fast. However, if you wish to change the cryptocurrency in your wallet and transfer it to a standard bank account, the process may take up to 5 business days to complete. 

Important: Each casino is different and the timeframe for a Bitcoin transaction to be completed may vary from one gambling site to another. The above timeframes are more of a guideline.


How secure is Bitcoin?

At this moment, casino transactions with cryptocurrencies are the safest on the market, even safer than e-wallets. All the Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, this means that there is no personal information involved in the process.

Bitcoin blockchain safety

To guarantee completely secure online payments, the blockchain systems remove all the private information and since you don’t use any banking or personal information, a third party can’t access this sensitive data.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is that Bitcoin, like any other online payment system based on cryptocurrencies, is a decentralized system. No government owns it and the usual money regulations for transfers do not apply. 

For all these reasons, Bitcoin casinos are preferred by players who live in countries where gambling is either illegal or falls under a grey zone. Since standard payment systems in these countries are controlled by regulatory bodies, players have to find a safe and private casino transaction option and Bitcoin is a perfect choice. 

Bitcoin transactions are not banned by the system like in the case of other payment options so there will be no restrictions when it comes to casino transfers no matter in which part of the world you live in. 

Finally, a cryptocurrency wallet can’t be traced and can’t be frozen.


How to choose a casino that accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade and made its way to the iGaming industry quite fast. There are plenty of online casinos Bitcoin and for a beginner, the large number of websites can be confusing.

That’s why here at 10Casinos we have created a list of the best Bitcoin online gambling websites and the bonuses offered. It’s not hard at all to find the best Bitcoin casino online as the same rules apply just like with any other standard gambling website. 

When looking for Bitcoin online casinos, always choose reputable sites like the ones displayed in our lists. We use a complex verification process and we also take into consideration other real players’ reviews and past experiences with these casinos.

Check the selection of games available at the specific gambling website and make sure you pick the one that offers your preferred casino games. 

Because the gamblers’ safety is our top priority the casinos we display have state-of-the-art security features to ensure complete fraud protection. You should never play at a Bitcoin site that is not properly licensed and regulated by a reputable independent authority.

Players’ needs and tastes are different, that’s why it’s very hard to tell which one of these Bitcoin casinos is the best, but we have a Top Rated Casino page where all websites are displayed according to the ratings of other players and which one of them has been in the top favorites.

What’s great about Bitcoin casinos is that you can claim great bonuses just like at any other standard casino. If you are on the hunt for a no deposit bonus, you can simply take a look at our No Deposit Casinos page


Alternative banking options

Bitcoin online casinos are not the only popular cryptocurrency-friendly gambling websites as Ethereum casinos are also among the top choices when it comes to casinos online payments.

Bitcoin casino payment method alternatives

These payment methods function a lot like a prepaid card, eliminating all sensitive pieces of information.

A good alternative to Bitcoin casinos could be e-wallets like those available at PayPal casinos. You can associate the e-wallet with a bank account and withdraw cash from it just like you would withdraw from a Bitcoin wallet. 

If you have more than one preferred casino payment option and you want to see all casinos that include either Bitcoin or your preferred method, you can simply check our Complete Banking options page where you can find all the payment options and which casinos accept them. 


International availability

In countries where gambling is legal Bitcoin casinos are not restricted by any means. The only restrictions appear in countries or territories where gambling is either illegal, under the monopoly of the state, or falls under a grey zone.

However, the blockchain system is not owned by any government and it can’t be controlled, making it ideal for players in these regions that want to keep complete privacy and to be able to gamble offshore without any fear. 

Even if right now casino Bitcoin is very popular, if you want to make sure that your country accepts Bitcoin as a payment option, you can go and check our Casinos by Country page and check the country box in the filter system. 


Want to play right away? Check out all the Bitcoin casinos

Now that you know everything there is to know about transactions using Bitcoins and if you decide that this is the right casino payment option for you, all that remains is to scroll back up to our list and take a look at the gambling websites that accept Bitcoin.

Pick one of them, open an account and claim a bonus and you will be ready to play in no time!


Bitcoin Casino FAQ

What is the main advantage of using Bitcoin?
Bitcoin online casinos are preferred for many reasons including the incredibly fast payout rates and small fees, however, the main reason why they are so popular is the complete privacy of the transactions.
Is Bitcoin accepted by all online casinos?
Unfortunately not yet. Even if the number of Bitcoin online casinos is growing at a rapid pace, not all gambling websites around the world accept cryptocurrencies. This fact may change very soon if cryptocurrencies continue to gain in popularity this way.
Are my details safe with Bitcoin?
Yes, Bitcoin casinos are considered among the safest on the market since all transactions are completely anonymous. This means that there is no risk that your personal or banking information will end up getting accessed by a third party. 
Are there any transaction fees?
Yes, there are some transaction fees when you transfer Bitcoins from the exchange website to your wallet. These taxes are placed for the network nodes that need to stay open for the transaction to be completed. Luckily, these fees are around $1 or even less.
Can I withdraw my winnings using Bitcoin?

Yes, you can withdraw your casino wins using Bitcoin however, this transaction option functions a lot like e-wallets, meaning that the cash will not actually go straight to your bank account, but instead to your digital wallet. 


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