Low Wagering Casinos 2023

Full List of Casino Bonuses with No Playthrough & Low Wagering Requirements

On this 10Casinos page, we’ve compiled every piece of information about low-wagering casinos and their benefits. Read to learn more about what they are and what makes them so popular and also find out how to pick the best one out there.

Low Wagering Casino Bonuses: Low Playthrough & No Wagering Free Bonuses

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What are low-wagering casinos?

A low wagering casino is any gambling website with rollovers that are under the market standard, something like 25x times the offered bonus or even lower.


There are some contrary opinions saying that low-wagering casinos are simply not worth it because these websites are either new and trying to attract new players, which means their renown is not yet established or their bonuses are small compared to the standard.

All the concerns above are sometimes true, however, for penny slots players, low rollers and generally players that don’t like to gamble with large sums of cash, these low wagering casinos remain the most viable option for claiming a bonus.

Surely the best option is playing at no wagering casinos, however, these offers are so rare and are so hard to find that they can’t be considered a valid option for most players.

Does it make sense to play at online casino sites with no wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements set by online casino platforms are linked to promotional offers. These involve players betting a number of times the bonus they have received before cashing out any winnings from it. The larger this number, the more difficult it is for players to meet said requirements.

This means that it is better to bet on casinos that do not impose wagering requirements (or have low wagering requirements).

What is a no wager casino bonus?

A no wager casino bonus is a promotion with no wagering requirements of which winnings off the bonus are cashable.

The wagering requirement, also called “ wager ”, represents the number of times you must play your offered bonus money before it becomes cashable money.

When we talk about a no wager bonus, it means that there are no wagering requirements that apply to your amount of bonus money. Any winnings that exceed the amount originally credited to you will be eligible for withdrawal.

To help you choose the best casino bonuses according to your style of play and desires, our team gives you all the best no wagering casino bonus offers and explains how they work.

Online casinos offer 3 categories of promotions subject or not to wagering conditions:

  • Welcome bonuses,
  • No deposit bonuses,
  • Deposit bonuses.

No wagering casino bonuses

No wager bonuses are often preferred by players. Indeed, if your wager is 0, it means that there is no wagering requirement to withdraw the winnings you will make with your bonus money.


If you make a deposit of $100 to take advantage of a casino's 100% welcome bonus, you will have a $100 bonus offered, so $200 to play. You can use the amount of offered bonus money to play and win.

Any money above the $100 initially offered will be eligible for withdrawal to your bank account. If, after one hour of play, your balance is at $500, for example, you will be able to cancel your bonus and withdraw $500 -$100 (bonus) = $400 eligible for withdrawal.

Casino bonuses with wager requirements

Let's say you choose a casino bonus with a wager.


If you decide to take advantage of one casino 's 100% welcome bonus by depositing $100, once your deposit has been validated, you will be able to play for $100 in cash and $100 in bonuses with a wager of x30.

For your $100 bonus subject to wagering requirements to become cash, you will have to play $100 x 30, i.e. $3,000. Once you have played the equivalent of $3000 worth of slots and/or casino games, all of your bonus money (even if increased) will become fully withdrawable and cashable money.

How to get the best no-wager bonus?

Getting the best no wagering bonuses on this page is easy. Just use the “Top Rated” filter and these bonuses will be listed. Remember that we have no control over the rating of casinos, we just list them according to players’ rating.

top rated no wager bonuses

What are the advantages of no wagering bonuses?

A no wager bonus has advantages that are interesting for the new players: it allows you to withdraw your money as soon as you wish.

If you have played 15 minutes, won a big jackpot and want your money back, there is no need to bet your bonus money multiple times, all you have to do is cancel your bonus and withdraw your real money.

What is a non-sticky bonus?

A non-sticky bonus is a compromise between a bonus with wagering requirements and a no wager bonus.

Among the bonuses with wager, there is an alternative called non-sticky bonus. Most often, casino bonuses are sticky. This means that you have to wager your bonus money multiple times to make a withdrawal. But some online casinos offer non-sticky bonuses.

The non-sticky bonus will not require you to wager multiple times your stake until you use your bonus.


If you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, you will play your real money amount first. So, if you win, your winnings will be added to your "real" money and they will be cashable without having to fill in any wagering requirement.

What are the pros and cons of low and no wager casinos?

online casino country review

Take your time

When winnings are not subject to difficult wagering requirements, playing is fun and motivating. In addition, knowing that you are not conditioned, you want to come back.

choice icon

Make your choice

You can calmly choose your favorite games without any pressure. Indeed, the absence of requirements makes it possible to pay more attention to other characteristics such as volatility or RTP.

take control icon

Take control

Everything that you manage to gain belongs to you. You are free to keep, cash or replay all of your winnings without restriction.

waste of money icon

Waste of money

You tend to bet a lot without thinking too much when you are not conditioned.

addiction icon


The fact of benefiting from bonuses without or with low requirements can quickly create an addiction to the game, which can be harmful in the long run.

New low (and no) wagering online casinos

The gambling market has evolved quite a lot and recently quite a large number of low-wagering online casinos were launched, with transparent conditions, casinos that are ready to cater their services to low rollers and players on a tighter budget.

At these gambling websites, there are plenty of low-wagering casino bonuses that have quite decent playthrough conditions which are achievable.


If you are a new player searching for one of these websites with low or no wagering requirements and you hope to find a no deposit casino bonus low wagering, you should filter the list using the "Newest" option. This will only display new online casinos which have been launched in the last year.

Best Low and No Wagering Online Casinos 

We consider the best low-wagering online casino sites the ones that have the smallest playthrough requirements for their bonuses or offers. Since a no wagering requirement bonus is only rarely offered on the market, it can’t be considered a reliable option. Even though, if you have the time to search for one, or you are lucky enough to encounter one, you should definitely go for it. 

For usual players that are not always lucky enough to find a no wagering requirement casino, an alternative option would be low wagering casinos. In our lists, you will find only gambling websites with wagering requirements between 0x and 25x.

Of course, having low or no playthrough bonuses doesn’t automatically make a casino great as there are many other things at play to consider when choosing a preferred casino. 

Taking all this into consideration, we look at aspects like the selection of games offered and their providers, security protocols, deposit and withdrawal options and customer support services when compiling our lists. This selection is made based on both the expertise of our team and also considering other real players’ ratings and opinions.

We understand that each player is different and not every single one of these low-wagering casinos will be everybody’s cup of tea. However, you can quickly find out which ones have been the most rated and popular by selecting the “Top-Rated” box in the filter options. Don’t forget that you can also rate these low-wagering casinos to help other newcomers find a great place to gamble.

Wagering Requirements for No Deposit Bonuses

Even if low wagering casino bonuses have similar rollover requirements there are some exceptions where different rules or limits apply and it’s very important to know them if you are going on a hunt for a no deposit casino bonus or a free spins bonus.

Firstly, you need to understand that the low wagering casino bonuses can be broken down into two types, cashable and non-cashable. The cashable ones will be calculated after the wagering requirements are completed, while the non-cashable ones will not be included in the calculation. Ideally, the best option would be a cashable bonus because at the end of the day, every single penny matters.


Free spins bonuses can be given as a free no deposit bonus that includes a rollover. The winnings are capped at a certain amount, mostly around $100 or $150.

The free spins casino bonuses usually have plenty of conditions and limitations even if the rollover is often small. They address mostly slot players and the casino may impose the condition that the free spins should only be used at a certain slot machine or just a couple of them. In addition, every single potential win from these free spins is usually capped at a certain amount, around $100 or $150 which is not quite a lot. 

At the end of the day, even if the wins are small, anything that comes free can greatly help you in the long run, especially if you are a newcomer or a casual player. 

To be sure, always check the terms and conditions for the bonus or promotion you are trying to claim and see what games it can be used on and which games contribute to the playthrough requirements. 

Are Low Wagering Casinos Worth it? 

To wrap things up, wagering requirements are not a bad thing in the end as long as they are reasonable and can actually be completed. 

Low-wagering casinos may have their downsides having sometimes smaller bonuses compared to other gambling websites on the market but they have a niche of their own. They found the perfect balance and a viable option of attracting new players and offering bonuses while still being able to stay in business. 

If you are a high roller with a huge budget and plenty of time on your hands and you only hunt for huge bonuses and promotions, low wagering casinos may not interest you, however, if you are a casual player, low wagering casinos are the only viable option of claiming an offer. 

We consider that these casinos offer fair benefits for both sides and they are an ideal option for players on a tighter budget. The low wagering requirements are achievable and any player has a real chance of actually completing them and going home with some potential prizes. 

Now that you know how low and no wagering casinos work and you know what to look for, pick one of the best low-wagering online casinos on our list and enjoy gambling as it’s meant to be, without pressure.


Low Wagering Casinos FAQ

Why do I have to wager a bonus?

Wagering requirements are a safety measure that prevents players from abusing bonuses and promotions. With such conditions in place, it’s impossible to move from one casino to another, claiming a bonus and cashing out causing the whole industry to go down, in the end. 

Is there a no wagering requirement bonus?


Yes and no. On very rare occasions for limited periods of time a casino may offer a no wagering requirement bonus. However, that happens so rarely that you can’t actually take it into consideration as a viable option. The only permanent option is a low wagering requirement bonus which is fair to claim.

Are low-wagering casinos worth it?
Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or a newcomer. If you don’t have unlimited cash resources and a lot of time on your hands to go for the big bonuses with big wagering requirements, a low wagering casino is a perfect option to claim a bonus and actually complete it to get some prizes. 
Which low-wagering casino is the best?
Since players’ needs and tastes vary so much, it’s impossible to tell exactly which one is the best. The best answer is that the best low-wagering online casino is the one that’s right for you. Take into consideration reputation, security, the selection of games, bonuses and promotions and customer services when selecting a gambling website.

Do all games contribute to the wagering requirements?

No. Games are weighed differently to determine how much of your stake contributes to the wagering requirement. The calculations are different from casino to casino, that’s why we recommend that you always check out the terms and conditions before claiming a bonus. In most instances, slots will contribute 100% but table games are usually only 10% or 20%. Live dealer games usually are not taken into consideration.

Are wagering requirements time-limited?

Yes. You can have only one bonus or promotion going on at a given time at most casinos and there is usually a timeframe in which you need to complete the low wagering requirements. Some casinos may have a time limit of 70 days while others may offer you just 10 days to complete the rollover or less.
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