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Best Online Casinos for United States in November 2022

Look no further because the 10Casinos gambling community has curated a list of the best USA online casinos, based on real player votes. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about US gambling laws, discover a list of USA casinos and use the filters to improve the accuracy of the results.

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Casino Sites in the US

The United States gambling market can seem confusing when watched from afar. On one hand, in the “Land of Opportunity”, we have Las Vegas, the City of Sins, the world’s greatest gambling hub but, on the other hand, we find harsh legislation on online gambling in many states. 

Gambling in America has been through quite a lot being legalized, banned, legalized and banned again. It was used by the government to fund cities’ development but also by organized criminals to gain power.

Best US Casinos Map with Flag

Nowadays, online gambling is legal in a few states, while others are still striving and have started the legalization process.

In most states, gamblers have to rely on off-shore websites. Luckily for them, there is never a shortage of great international USA online casinos. 


Where and How to Look for the Best USA Online Casinos

There are hundreds of great USA online casinos and offshore gambling websites that accept American players. Sometimes, it’s hard for beginners to make a pick when faced with so many options.

We come to your aid and provide a list of the best USA online casinos on the market by using a complex selection process that's powered by our gambling community. All the casino lists on our sites are ordered based on other players’ ratings, offering you real insights from the casinos before you decide to join it. 

By default, the list above displays the top-rated casinos. You can use the filters above to refine your search and identify a casino that suits your needs. For example,if you turn on the "Free Bonus" filter, you will get a list of the best online casinos USA that offer no deposit bonuses.

If you're a seasoned player looking for a fresh casino bonus to claim, you can check out the New Online Casinos page, which will automatically display all the gambling platforms that were released in the past 12 months. 

None of these options sound good for you?

No worries, we thought about that and created dedicated pages for specific casino features, which can be accessed from the top navigation bar. For example, if you love to withdraw your money quickly, just visit our Fast Payout Casinos, and you will get access to a database of operators that are known to process their transactions in up to 24 hours.


Most Popular Software Providers in the US

There are plenty of software providers at offshore online casinos that accept US players. However, there is a preference for some of them, including the names below:

  • Betsoft - Renowned worldwide and considered the most advanced software provider in the world, Betsoft has an impressive collection of slot machines, most of them designed with cutting-edge graphics and intricate mechanics. If you are looking for great-looking slots with plenty of features, Betsoft’s catalog is unrivaled.

  • Playtech - This publicly listed iGaming software development company is one of the most popular ones in the United States, having a market cap of over $1.27 billion. Playtech's most-played titles include Age of the Gods, Big Bad Wolf, and Golden Sands, which are quite common at USA online casinos.

  •  Realtime Gaming - Also known as RTG is an old player on the gambling market. This company started back in the ’90s when gambling began to rise in the USA and they now possess one of the biggest catalogs of games in the industry.

If you're looking for a specific casino game development company available in the USA, you can check out the complete list of software providers. Make sure you turn on the country filter to only show the providers that can be enjoyed by American gamblers.


Find Your Favourite Games to Play at Online Casinos in the USA

USA Online Casino Games

Lotteries are legal and highly popular in the USA, followed closely by sports betting which is legal in several states. 

Here is the current state of the online casino games market in the US:

  • Unfortunately, table games are not available everywhere. Gaming platforms like Roulette casinos, Poker, Baccarat or Blackjack sites are only legal in a couple of states like Delaware, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 
  • Online slot machines are also illegal in most of the US, but the legalization process is already in progress. Until then, offshore USA online casinos are American players' best option. 
  • In the top preferences for American gamblers, you’ll find, without a doubt, Poker. America has the most professional poker players and poker tournaments in the world.
  • In the second spot in the top preferences, we find slots, which is really no surprise since slots are the most played casino game in the world. 

If you're not living close to a land-based casino, but you would like to enjoy an immersive gambling experience, you should join one of the Live Dealer Casinos available on our site and get access to games that are streamed using cutting edge technology, and allow you to interact with real dealers and players, without having to leave the comfort of your home.


USA Casinos with No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses are a great way to start your gambling journey on the right foot as it offers you more credits to play, without actually spending your real money.

Basically, whenever you join a new casino with this type of offer, you get extra credits to gamble and potentially withdraw if you manage to still be profitable after completing the wagering requirements.

Here are the two main types of Free Bonuses you can find at the best USA casinos:

  • Free spins - Grab this offer if you like to spin the reels. You can get a set number of free rounds to play on various slot machines. (depending on the different specifications from the operator)
  • Bonus cash - This is the most preferred no deposit bonus version by Americans.. This no deposit bonus will offer you a cash amount (based on the terms and conditions) that you can use at any of the casino games available on the platform.

Most  American gamblers hope to find a no deposit bonus casino, but this can be quite challenging. In essence, this bonus doesn't require any real money deposit, allowing you to test the platform and decide if it suits your needs.

On 10Casinos you can easily find casinos that offer No Deposit Bonus in the US by using the “Free Bonus” filter located on the top left of the list above.

Still, the most common bonuses you will encounter will be match-up offers. Take for example a casino that offers a 100% match-up bonus for $350. In this case, if you make a $350 deposit, the casino will match that with another $350 bonus cash for absolutely free.

Remember: All casino bonuses (unless otherwise stated by the operators) are subject to wagering requirements. Thus, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions before claiming any offer online.


Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in America

USA Gambling Legislation

Right now in the USA, the online gambling market doesn’t look too well. There are only a couple of regions where online gambling is legal and regulated, including:

  • Delaware
  •  New Jersey
  •  Michigan
  •  Nevada
  •  Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

In the rest of the states, gambling falls under the monopoly of the state, leaving American gamblers with the only option of gambling offshore, usually at online casinos from Costa Rica, Curacao or Panama. 

The government doesn’t outlaw online gambling, there is just no independent operator with a license in some regions. In fact, the gambling market is estimated to reach 158.20 Billion by 2028. 


Legal Gambling Age in the USA

The eighteen-year-old mark is applied to both residents and visitors that wish to play at online USA online casinos in regions where online gambling is permitted. However, the legal age for gambling can vary from 18 to 21, depending on that specific state's legislation.

For land-based establishments, most regions will require that anyone entering the casino should be at least 21 years old. Still, if you gamble at offshore online casinos, the legal gambling age will be set to 18 years, considering that this is the generally accepted age requirement. 

Do you know how old you need to be to gamble in your state?

To help you answer that quickly, we've created a table containing the legal ages in all states for casinos, poker and lottery.

Check it out:

US State Casino Poker Lottery
Alabama 21 19 N/A
Alaska 21 N/A N/A
Arizona 21 21 18
Arkansas 21 18 18
California 18/21 18/21 18
Colorado 21 21 18
Connecticut 21 21 18
Delaware 21 21 18
Florida 21 18 18
Georgia 18 18 18
Hawaii 18 18 18
Idaho 18 18 18
Illinois 21 21 18
Indiana 21 21 18
Iowa 21 21 21
Kansas 21 21 18
Kentucky 18 18 18
Louisiana 21 21 21
Maine 21 21 18
Maryland 21 21 18
Massahusetts 21 21 18
Michigan 18/21 18 18
Minnesota 18/21 18 18
Mississippi 21 21 18
Missouri 21 21 18
Montana 18 18 18
Nebraska 21 21 19
Nevada 21 21 N/A
New Hampshire 21 18 18
New Jersey 21 21 18
New Mexico 21 21 18
New York 18/21 18 18
North Carolina 21 21 18
North Dakota 21 21 18
Ohio 21 21 18
Oklahoma 18/21 18/21 18
Oregon 21 21 18
Pennsylvania 21 21 18
Rhode Island 18 18 18
South Carolina 21 21 18
South Dakota 21 21 18
Tennessee 21 N/A 18
Texas 21 21 18
Utah 18 18 N/A
Vermont 18 18 18
Virginia N/A 18 18
Washington 18/21 18 18
Washington DC 18 18 18
West Virginia 21 21 18
Wisconsin 18/21 21 18
Wyoming 18 21 18

Please note: 

  • The "N/A" value means that the state's legislation doesn't have a specific age requirement for that type of gambling activity or that gambling type is not yet legally available.
  • States that have the legal age written as "18/21" (like New York and Oklahoma) allow people to gamble from 18, but in case the casino serves alcohol, only those over 21 years old can gamble legally.

Language and Currency in US Casinos

The most used language in the United States is English (shockingly, the US doesn’t have an official language) which can be considered the de facto national language, is spoken by over 60% of the population. Many other languages are spoken throughout the territories including Spanish, indigenous languages, and Chinese.

As the official currency, the United States uses the US Dollar (USD) which was adopted in 1792 at par with the Spanish Dollar. 

Since the US Dollar is a popular currency and English is spoken in most parts of the world, there shouldn’t be a problem finding an online casino that offers this currency and can be translated into English. 


Deposit and Withdrawal at Online Casinos in USA

Casino banking transactions fall under the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006. This means that, with a couple of exceptions, most American gamblers can’t rely on popular solutions like credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

To gamble at offshore casinos, players from some regions rely heavily on crypto casinos or use e-wallets on PayPal sites or Neteller gambling platforms.

To be sure that the USA online casino you wish to play at has the casino transaction method that you prefer, all you have to do is check the Online Casino Banking Options page.  Here, you just need to check the country box to display all the banking methods available in your area. 


Mobile Casinos in the US

The mobile casino market is quickly taking shape and most online operators today are optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. 

There are actually no drawbacks to mobile gambling, apart from the smaller screen because  USA mobile casinos will look and act the same as a standard one, however, there are a lot of benefits.

You can gamble from anywhere, any time you like. There are even specific payment methods like mobile wallets that can help you make a transaction in minutes. 


History of Gambling in USA

Gambling in the United States goes way back, even in the Precolonial America period. Native Americans used to play various games of chance as part of tribal celebrations.

History of United States Casinos

Based on our research, here are some interesting facts about the long history of US casinos:

  • During tribal times, games were very simple, resembling a lot with Craps, Sic Bo, or Hazzard, and were basically carved bones or stones with different markings that were thrown, and wagers were placed on different outcomes. 

  • The actual gambling traditions were brought by European colonists and included bull and cockfights, horse racing, rat pits, and bull baiting

  • In 1612, King James I created a lottery to raise funds for the first British settlement in North America, Jamestown. 

  • Gambling soon entered a conflict with the religious and spiritual views of the Pilgrims and Puritans that also came to North America between 1620 and 1630.

  • In October 1774, the Article of Association was issued by the Continental Congress of North America, and all forms of boxing, cockfights, horse racing, and other gambling activities were banned. 

  • Throughout the entire 19th century gambling in the US was tolerated as long as it didn’t upset the social order. By 1830, all southern states had completely banned gambling with the exception of New Orleans which became a safe haven. 

  • The first state that began to legalize some forms of gambling was Louisiana and even if the licensing act was repeated in 1835, riverboat gambling continued to prosper up until the Civil War in 1861. 

  • When Andrew Jackson was president, between 1829 and 1837, a new Christianity wave swept the country bringing to attention social problems and putting a focus on morality. This will be known as the Jacksonian era and will put an end to gambling up until 1860.

  • Even if some lotteries continued to operate in some states, the first legalization of other forms of gambling happened almost 100 years later in Nevada. 

  • Throughout Prohibition underground gambling really became a problem in the United States since organized crime syndicates operated massive illegal casinos. 

  • By the end of the Prohibition era, most organized criminals like Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello saw the opportunity of legal gambling in Nevada and started developing new criminal enterprises. 

  • It was after WWII when Las Vegas gambling really began to shine. Due to the increasing tourism and Hollywood celebrities playing a lot in the city of sins, the gambling market also developed. 

  • The state began collecting taxes in 1940 and a lot of good-paying jobs started to emerge, leading to the appearance of a middle-class. 

  • Even though by 1990 gambling started to emerge in multiple countries, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006, placing internet gambling outside the law and making it illegal for banks to allow transfers from and to online casinos. 

Right now, the US government is working hard towards the legalization of online gambling. 

The reason behind this is simple - the profit potential is huge. By imposing large taxes for gambling, the state can generate massive revenue that can be reinvested in healthcare or other important sectors.

Now that you know everything about gambling in the USA, all that's left is to choose one of the best USA online casinos from the list above, create an account and start enjoying a real money gambling experience.


USA Casinos FAQ

Can I play at online casinos using USD?
Yes, since the US Dollar is one of the most used currencies in the world, almost any online casinos include the USD in the currency list.
What should I look out for at the best US online casino sites?

If you are not in regions where online gambling is legal and there are independent operators, you’ll have to rely on offshore gambling websites.

Remember, however, that these websites should be licensed and regulated by independent authorities, they should only provide games from reputable software providers and a wide range of payment options.

Can I enjoy online gambling in the USA for free?
Yes, there are a couple of USA casinos that allow you to test their games for free in demo mode. Keep in mind that when you play with demo coins, you won’t be able to retrieve any sort of wins.
Who regulates online casinos in the US?
Gambling in the USA is controlled and regulated by the American Gaming Association. There are three main acts that regulate gambling in the USA, The Federal Wire Act, The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act.
It Safe for Players from the USA to Gamble Online?
It is safe to gamble online from any country as long as you choose the online casino wisely and you only play games from reputable software providers which are constantly tested and approved as fair by independent auditing companies like eCOGRA.
BeGambleAware is a charity that focuses on the protection of gamblers across the UK.
The safe environment offers gambling prevention tools and treatment services to all the affected players.
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