Blacklisted Casinos 2024

Updated Online Casino Blacklist: Rogue Casinos to Avoid

Find out which online casinos sites you should avoid and why. Check out how 10Casinos decides which casinos to blacklist. Look at the list of blacklist casinos to find out if you’ve been playing at a scam casino and learn how to cut your losses and avoid such casinos in the future.

All Blacklisted Casinos

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United States
Casino Welcome package Software
United States
- BeVegas Casino
400% First deposit bonus
BetSoft (+29)
United States
- Royal Planet Casino
350% First deposit bonus
United States
- Vortex Casino
300% First deposit bonus
United States
- Goalbet Casino
No welcome pack bonuses.
NetEnt (+25)
United States
- BetCave Casino
400% First deposit bonus
Rival (+5)
United States
- Crazy Luck Casino
259$ Free Play Bonus 455% First deposit bonus
United States
- Online Bingo
200% + 20 FS First deposit bonus
BetSoft (+42)
United States
- Sportingbet Casino
100% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+5)
United States
- Dotty Bingo
100% + 10 FS First deposit bonus
Pragmatic Play (+1)
United States
- 5Dimes Casino
50% First deposit bonus
RTG (+1)
United States
- PlayClub Casino
100% First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+10)
United States
- Crazy Fortune Casino
100% First deposit bonus
1X2 Gaming (+30)
United States
- iviCasino
20 Free Spins Bonus 100% First deposit bonus
Games Global (+36)
United States
- Spin Hill Casino
1 FS up to 500 FS First deposit bonus
Games Global (+5)
United States
- 14Red Casino
200% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
BetSoft (+37)
United States
- Casollo Casino
100% First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+17)
United States
- Vegaz Casino
100% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+96)
United States
- Slots Villa Casino
175% +50 FS First deposit bonus
United States
- Explosino Casino
20 Free Spins Bonus 100% + 20 FS First deposit bonus
Games Global (+24)
United States
- Wills Casino
100% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+47)
United States
- NewVegas Casino
300% First deposit bonus
Rival (+5)
United States
- Golden Axe Casino
200% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
Evolution (+39)
United States
- Lionel Bets Casino
200% First deposit bonus
BetSoft (+21)
United States
- Butlers Bingo
100% First deposit bonus
Pragmatic Play (+2)
United States
- Casino Royal Club
400% First deposit bonus
United States
- Betclic Casino
100% First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+34)
United States
- Dafabet Casino
100% First deposit bonus
BetSoft (+42)
United States
- VIP Room Casino
100% First deposit bonus
Games Global (+37)
United States
- Glimmer Casino
100% + 20 FS First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+31)
United States
- Gioco Digitale Casino
100% + 500 FS First deposit bonus
NetEnt (+18)

What is a Blacklisted Casino?

At this point, we can’t really say that the online gambling industry is new because there are tens of thousands of online casinos on the market to choose from. Most of them are honest, trustworthy gambling websites that are definitely worthy of your investment, however, we can’t say that about every single one of them.

Blacklisted casinos or rogue casinos as they are often called are operators that for some reason decide to scam or trick the gamblers in one way or another. To help players, websites like ours recommend or blacklist casinos according to their reputation and practices. 

If a gambling website has a spotless reputation and great services, it will be recommended to players. If on the other hand, it has any misleading information, history of bad payments or any other shady practices it will end up on the Blacklist. 

Unfortunately, the market is very big at this point and it’s impossible for us to analyze every single casino out there. With so many new players joining the gambling market each year, these rogue casinos can still get their way for a while before getting blacklisted.

10Casinos Criteria for Blacklisting

Below you will find all the things we check for each online casino site we review. If these things are not up to par, then we will blacklist that casino site. 

  • Payment Issues

This is the most common complaint that comes from gamblers and one of the most important. It can vary from websites that just delay the withdrawal process in the hope that you will eventually give up and gamble the money again, up to severe cases where big prizes or jackpots are not paid at all. 

Since progressive jackpots and other large prizes have special terms and conditions that give the casino time to verify your win, this happens at every single online casino on the market and it’s not a sign of bad practices. Progressive jackpots are worth sometimes millions and the website needs to verify if no one cheated or the game somehow had a malfunction.

After this verification is done if everything is alright and the win was legitimate, the casino will contact you and offer you either a percentage right away and negotiate for the rest or a payment plan for multiple years. There is no online casino on the market that can afford to pay millions on a progressive jackpot while still paying other small wins to other players without going out of business. 

The process above is a normal practice for very good reasons, however, this is where rogue casinos come in. They will usually declare the progressive jackpot as either a malfunction or will not take it as a legit win, refusing to pay it. In the rare cases where they decide to make the payment, don’t expect to see a large part of that prize. 

  • Licensing 

Casinos’ licensing can be another great issue for players. A legitimate, trustworthy online casino has to be properly licensed and regulated by the authority or authorities in the territory where it operates.

There are some players from countries or regions where offshore gambling is forbidden that play through VPNs at international online casinos without a problem. The practice is not ideal and you should always stick to licensed and regulated casinos in your jurisdiction.

Usually, there are no problems when playing at unlicensed casinos in a certain jurisdiction but if the specific casino decides not to pay a win or let you withdraw a bonus offer, you will have no legal leverage to fix the problem.

  • Shady or Hacked Software

It’s not only the operators who get tested and licensed by independent authorities but also software providers. There are a couple of these authorities like eCOGRA that verifies the games from a specific software provider to ensure that all players get a safe and unbiased gambling experience.

By playing games from a reputable software provider at a licensed casino, you basically double your security measures. The problem is that some rogue casinos either hack the games from a software provider so they don’t have to pay for their services or change the paytable as they see fit. Also, they may offer rigged casino games from shady software developers. 

  • Misleading Bonuses and Offers

This one is commonly encountered at rogue casinos. A bonus or an offer is a means through which a gambling site attracts new players and keeps the existing ones happy and there is nothing wrong with this since it benefits both the players and the casino.

Blacklisted casinos, on the other hand, will try to attract new players by falsely advertising promotions. It can occur in many forms, ranging from a casino promising a bonus and not giving it at all after you registered an account, to offering the bonus but with far bigger wagering requirements or conditions that you can’t complete. 

  • Selling Players’ Information

This practice was somewhat eradicated with the new security measures and recent policies but on rare occasions, it can still happen. But what exactly does it involve? 

When you register an account at an online casino, you have to provide a couple of personal information like name, email address, phone number, id card, passport or driver's license to prove you are who you say you are and that you are old enough to gamble.

All online casinos will demand this sort of information, so there is no way to avoid it. In the past, some blacklisted online casinos would take this player information database and sell it to third parties, mostly marketing companies which would either sell the database further or use it and target you with different ads and campaigns. 

  • Changing Terms and Conditions Without Notice

Gambling websites have the right to update their Terms and Conditions whenever they please, however, they can’t do so without prior notice to their customers. Rogue casinos usually change these Terms and Conditions without any form of notice in a way or a time that benefits them. 

In most cases, the Terms and Conditions are changed after many players claim a “too good to be true” bonus or offer and it refers to playthrough requirements, timeframe or claiming conditions just to name a few. 

Blacklisted Casinos

The blacklisted casino list is the one that we don’t take any pleasure in making. In our opinion, anyone should have a spotless conduit but we also know that can’t always be the case. By taking into account all the criteria above as well as other players’ opinions and ratings we constantly update this list of rogue casinos that you should avoid at all costs. 

Sometimes an online casino can get out of the blacklist if it renounces the bad practices and starts treating its customers right. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence. In our experience, a rogue casino will continue to scam its players until it goes out of business. 

What To Do if You’ve Registered at a Blacklisted Casino

If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t beat yourself up too much over it as it can happen to anybody, especially if there weren’t many red flags to warn you. Depending on the situation, here are a couple of options:

  • Get your money out - If you see a lot of delays in their payments, get all your money out and stop investing. Most likely they will keep on delaying the following payments as well. 

  • Contact the responsible authority - If you have problems with a casino and reasoning with them doesn’t work, you can go and talk straight to the authority or the authorities that licensed the casino. Usually, they can put some pressure on the casino.

  • Find legal support - This is usually the last resort when everything else has failed. If you didn’t manage to solve anything by reasoning with the casino or with the regulatory authority you can contact a lawyer that can point you to the best legal procedure and will teach you what steps need to be taken. 

Unfortunately, if things go very badly, up to the point where the casino denies you a win, there isn’t much you can do. The best option is to get any money out of your account and change the casino as fast as you can. Don’t forget that prevention is always better than fixing. Finding a good casino, to begin with, will save you a lot of trouble. 

How to Avoid a Blacklisted Casino

It’s not hard to avoid a rogue casino as long as you follow some simple rules. There are plenty of great gambling websites on the market and you can find them on our website on the best online casino page. 

The first thing you should look at in an online casino is one or multiple logos from independent authorities. That’s the first sign that the casino is properly licensed and regulated. Among the most renowned authorities, we count the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission or the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

A great casino should always be licensed and regulated in your region. Unfortunately, since there are a couple of countries where gambling is prohibited, players can only play at offshore casinos that even though they are licensed by other authorities, they are not licensed to provide their services in that specific region. 

The second thing that you should check out is the bonuses offered and terms and conditions for them. Some casinos offer quite small playthrough requirements around 10x-15x and are called low wagering casinos, while others can have quite absurd rollover requirements of over 70x. There is no point in claiming a bonus or an offer if you aren’t able to complete the wagering requirements.

When choosing your online casino, take a look at their games’ section. Besides the fact that you need to pick a casino that offers the games of your choice, these games should come from reputable software providers.

Customer support is another important aspect to look for. You will not need it most of the time, but it’s important to have the ability to contact somebody that can quickly help you fix an issue if ever one arises. 

The reputation of a casino or bad incidents in the past can be quickly discovered. As you can see in our other casinos’ lists, websites are rated by other real players. Try and stick with the ones that have been rated as the best. 

Blacklisted Casinos FAQ

What is a blacklisted casino?

A blacklisted online casino or a rogue casino is an operator that tries to scam or trick its players in various ways. It can range from not paying the wins, offering fake bonus advertising, offering rigged or hacked software etc.

Which are the worst online casinos?

The worst online casinos can be seen on our lists. You should avoid any of these casinos by all means. Filter the lists by top-rated and go at the bottom.

Can Blacklisted Casinos Redeem Themselves?

Yes, if they change their practices. However, this happens very rarely and usually, a casino will continue to try and trick the players until it shuts down.

How can I get my money back from a blacklisted casino?

Firstly, you need to understand that getting your money back from a rogue casino is possible but not always a guarantee. If you don’t receive your money in a reasonable amount of time, you can contact the casino and negotiate. If it doesn’t work, you can contact the authority that was responsible for its licensing.
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