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Want to see if Google Pay is the right payment method for you? Check out our review and see what it can and can't do and if it's worth trying. You can also take a look at our list of Google Pay casinos and pick one for a great gambling experience. 

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United States
- Crypto Games
100% First deposit bonus
United States
- Cosmobet
150% First deposit bonus
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- Velobet
150% + 50 FS First deposit bonus
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- LTC Casino
No welcome pack bonuses.
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6.6 SapphireBet Casino
100% + 30 FS First deposit bonus
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- Helabet
100% + 30 FS First deposit bonus
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- Somos Casino
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10 ROLR Casino
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- Gangsta Casino
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- The Club House Casino
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Why should you pay with Google Pay at online casinos?

Google Pay has a pretty long history, over a decade now. It all started in 2011 when Google launched their Google Wallet, which was the first-ever digital wallet developed for Android users who wanted to spend money easily and securely. 

What’s today known as Gpay, appeared as a change in the payment system in 2015 as a part of the Android Pays system. It was mostly a rebranding process for this digital wallet.

Google Pay Casinos Online Payment

With a strict focus on P2P secure online payments, Google announced in 2018 that the wallet name will be changed once again in Google Pay Send.

The system is very easy to use, and it’s just like any card bank transfer but without having to share your private information or fill complex forms. You can say that Google Pay is the perfect combination between an e-wallet and a bank transfer without carrying the cons. 

Even if you don’t need to provide any banking information when you want to transfer money, you will still need to have either a Google Pay visa prepaid card or a Google Pay prepaid Mastercard connected to your account.

Getting started with Google Pay

Before you can use Gpay to make online payments or send money, you will need a Google Pay account. That’s very simple because you will only have to go to this provider’s homepage and just log in with your Google account or create one if you don’t have an account already. 

On an Android mobile device, the steps are similar, meaning that you will also need a Google email address, however, you will also have to go to the Play Store and download the Google Pay app.

Deposit and Withdrawal from a casino using Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the easiest to use among all other casino payment methods, and that’s why it is so popular. Most people nowadays already have a bank account and a Google account, so there are not many steps required besides just connecting one or more credit cards to the Gpay wallet. 

How to deposit at online casinos using Google Pay

A Google Pay deposit is very easy to make compared to other casino online payment systems, and once you have a credit card connected to your Gplay account, things are very simple, as shown in the next steps.

  1. Go to your preferred Google Pay online casino and log in to your player account

  2. Head to the cashier section and select the “Deposit” option, choosing Google Pay from the list.

  3. Enter the desired amount to be deposited and select one of your cards linked to your Gpay account.

  4. Confirm the payment using either the security code sent to you or using the Touch-ID

  5. The amount of cash should be available instantly in your casino account, and you can start playing.

How to withdraw from a casino using Google Pay

Unfortunately, gamblers who ask themselves how to withdraw money from Google Pay will encounter an unsatisfactory answer. Google Pay functions a lot like a prepaid card or some other intermediate payment systems where withdrawals are not supported. 

If you want to choose this payment method at a Google Pay casino, you will have to pick another method for withdrawals. Check the specific gambling website and see what options are available before you register an account to make sure they have both Gpay and your desired withdrawal method. 

Pros and cons of joining Google Pay casinos

Gpay is a great wallet for Android users, however, Google Pay casinos come with their own set of drawbacks, just like any other gambling website. Even if the benefits clearly outweigh the cons, it’s better to check them out in the table below and make the decision for yourself. 



Google Pay is one of the easiest to use payment methods out there because it requires no additional setup 

You can only use Google Pay at online casinos to make deposits and this method is not available for withdrawals. If you decide to use Google Pay for deposits, you will need to find another method for withdrawals.

Online transactions done with Google Pay are very safe because you don’t share any sort of personal or banking information when making a deposit. 

Unfortunately, Google Pay is only available for those that possess an Android device and will not be available for any other devices like Windows or Apple smartphones or tablets.

You can connect multiple credit debit cards to your Google Pay wallet and make online payments from whichever one you desire.

Even if the number of Google Pay online casinos is rapidly increasing, there are still plenty of gambling websites that don’t accept this payment method

Google Pay also comes with a great loyalty program which can add additional benefits for those that intend to use it regularly.

Time frames for deposits are very small, and most transactions are instantaneous or mostly done in seconds.

Google Pay casino Transfer Times

Google Pay casinos are well known to be among the fastest on the market. At any casino, Google Pay deposits are done instantly or mostly in a couple of minutes very easily. This is one of the main reasons why Gpay is so popular. You can start gambling in a matter of seconds.

A normal bank transfer that’s not done through Gpay could take up a couple of business days to complete. At Google Pay casino online, this process is shortened to a matter of seconds. 

Surely, there are a couple of exceptions of each online casino Google Pay and they revolve around withdrawals timeframes. Because Gpay can only be used for casino deposits and not for withdrawals, players have to resort to another transfer option.

Since all withdrawal options have different times and these may also vary from each casino operator, any withdrawal made at Google Pay online casinos may take anywhere from hours to a couple of business days to complete. 

How secure is Google Pay?

Google Pay online gambling is completely safe and secure. Like most e-wallets and intermediate payment methods, Gpay will protect the information of your bank account or credit card because you will never have to provide them when you are transferring electronic money. 

Google Pay Casinos Online Security

The security of the clients is an online casino’s top priority and that’s why there are firewalls in check and SSL encryption protocols to keep your personal information secure. Among the security features offered by the casino, Google Pay comes with another layer to ensure bullet-proof fraud protection. 

Whenever you want to complete a transaction and you reach the final credit check, Gpay will verify your identity either by the touch-id or through a password chosen by you. Another person can’t make transactions in your name.

How to choose a casino that accepts Google Pay

The number of gambling sites that accept Google Pay has increased a lot as mobile payment services become more popular nowadays and the market somehow shifted towards smartphones and other mobile devices users. 

Here at 10Casinos, we have a list of the best Google Pay casinos on the market. We can’t say which one will exactly be the best one for you since all players’ needs are different, however, you can easily see which ones have been the most rated by other gamblers by checking our Top Rated Casino page.

Like all other online casinos, Google Pay gambling websites will offer plenty of bonuses and promotions to attract new players. You should take advantage of this and try to claim the rare no deposit bonus. It’s easy to see which online casino is currently offering one by checking our No Deposit Casinos page

Alternative banking options

When it comes to online casino payments, it’s clear that Google Pay is among the best, at least for its niche. However, its limitations, like not being accepted as a withdrawal option or not being available in the US may drive some gamblers towards other casino transfer options. 

As alternatives, there are a couple of conventional methods like bank transfers and credits cards which can be found at Visa gambling websites or Maestro casinos. They have high limits and are overall the most popular methods among all others but they don’t come with the security features of Gplay like hiding your personal or banking information.

Another alternative could come in the form of E-wallets. Which can be found at PayPal casinos or Skrill gambling websites. They are similar to Gpay in a lot of ways, however, not all of them are available worldwide.

Before deciding what casino method to choose, it is a good idea to check our all banking page and check the country accepted filter in the top left corner to filter the list and see what payment methods are available in your area.

International availability

Google Pay is available in most parts of the world since mobile casinos are nowadays very popular and the number of Android users is quite stunning. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a Google Pay casino to play at.

google pay international availability

Since this payment option is connected to a regular card, there are some countries where gambling is illegal and Gplay may not be available. 

Want to play right away? Check out all the Google Pay casinos

For an Android device user, Google Pay may be the best digital wallet out there, especially if you don’t mind selecting another option for withdrawals. As shown above, this payment service has plenty of benefits, it’s fast, secure, and very easy to use, even for beginners. 

Now that you found out everything there is to know about how Gpay works, just scroll back up, pick a platform from our Google Pay casinos list, and enjoy fast and secure deposits.


Google Pay Casinos FAQ

Why should I use Google Pay?
Gpay is an easy-to-use, fast, and very secure payment option. It can be used by anyone because it only requires a Google account and a credit card to set up. Also, transactions are instantaneous and you will never have to worry about security.
Is Google Pay accepted by all online casinos?
It depends. There are plenty of online casinos on the market that accepts Google Pay since the number of Android users is quite large, however, not all gambling websites will accept in all parts of the world. 
Are my details safe with Google Pay?
Yes, your details are perfectly safe with Google Pay since this payment option comes as a barrier between you and the website you are making the transaction and you don’t have to share any sort of personal or banking information. 
Can I withdraw my winnings using Google Pay?
No, unfortunately, at the time being, you can only use Google Pay for casino deposits. If you have selected this payment option for deposits you will have to select another one for withdrawals. 


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