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Welcome to our Revolut dedicated page on 10Casinos. On this page, you will find out everything there is to know about this new yet popular payment method and just what makes it so amazing. You can also check out several Revolut casinos in the list below.

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6.58 Rolletto Casino
100% First deposit bonus
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- Legend Play
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- Casino Unlimited
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- Dolly Casino
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- 20Bets Casino
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- Westpoint Casino
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10.00 Cashalot Casino
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- Rapid Casino
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- Casombie Casino
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6.34 GSlot Casino
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Why should you pay with Revolut at online casinos?

In an era where smartphones technology is booming Revolut comes as a mobile digital wallet that will change the way we spend money. 

But how did it all start actually?

Revolut was founded by two people, Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko, and came on the market in July 2015. This payment system was firstly announced at the 39th tech accelerator in Canary Wharf and came as a perfect alternative banking solution for the young generation and mobile users.

revolut casinos play online

Revolut comes with a set of complete solutions to offer secure online payments at an incredible speed and quickly spread in 130 countries, accepting accounts in over 29 currencies. By 2021, Revolut reached over 2 million users and registered over 8,000 new accounts each day. 

The system functions just like any other card bank transfer, however, without sharing banking or private information. It has additional security systems in place, making it one of the leading payment services for casino gamblers. 

What’s even better is the fact that you can connect any Revolut visa prepaid card or Revolut prepaid Mastercard to your Revolut account and the transactions can be done through whichever of them you desire at any given time. 


Getting started with Revolut

Before you can make any sort of online payments or send money, you will have to create a Revolut account. The process is very simple and can be done from a smartphone or tablet.

You will have to go to this payment provider’s homepage on and create an account so you can add a credit card or more to it.

revolut casinos how to start playing

In this process, you will also be asked to pick a security system for your transactions, either a password or a Touch ID, and lastly, you will have to confirm your account through an email address or phone number.

Once all this process is complete, you can proceed to make online payments at a Revolut casino.


Deposit and Withdrawal from a casino using Revolut

Revolut, like many other mobile casino payment methods, is very easy to use. You only need a bank account or a credit card connected to your Revolut account and from there, everything should be very easy. 

revolut casino deposit and withdraw

To make the casino transactions easier to understand for beginners, we have broken them down below into simplified steps. 

How to make a deposit at online casinos using Revolut

Just forget about intricate casino online payment systems because casino deposits at Revolut gambling websites can be done with just a couple of taps and will be completed in seconds as you can see in the next steps. 

  1. Firstly, you will have to make sure that you have cash in your Revolut account 

  2. Go to your preferred Revolut online casino and log in to your player account through the web browser or through the downloadable client provided by the casino if there is any

  3. In the cashier section, select the “Deposit” option and browse Revolut in the list.

  4. Enter the desired amount of cash to be deposited and confirm the transaction through either the selected password or through Touch ID.

  5. The Revolut deposit should be processed instantly and you will be ready to play your favorite games in a couple of seconds.

How to withdraw from a casino using Revolut

There is no need to wonder too much about how to withdraw money from Revolut because the whole process is very similar to a prepaid card and other payment systems and Revolut withdrawal will be also easy and fast. Here is the simplified process step by step:

  1. From the casino’ lobby head to the Cashier section and select how much money you want to withdraw

  2. Select Revolut as the desired withdrawal method

  3. Confirm your transaction

  4. Depending on the country you live in or the specific casino operator, the transaction can take between a couple of hours and a couple of days.


Pros and cons of joining Revolut casinos

Revolut can be a great digital mobile wallet for you because it comes with plenty of features and benefits and not too many drawbacks. 

However, since each players’ tastes and needs are different, you should check them for yourself in the table below before deciding whether this is the right payment method for you or not.  



Revolut is among the easiest to use casino payment methods that are very easy to use because once you are done with the initial setup, everything becomes a piece of cake

Revolut does have some transaction taxes. While they are very small, this may be an issue for casual players and small rollers

Online transactions with Revolut are completely safe because are verified through Touch ID or password and there will be no bank account, credit card number, or personal information used.

Revolut is a payment service limited by geolocation. Meaning that there are some features like instant withdrawals that may not be available in your location.

The Revolut wallet can be connected with as many credit debit cards as you please and make online payments from whichever one you desire easily changing between them.

There are plenty of Google Pay online casinos but that doesn’t mean all gambling websites will accept this payment method

Revolut allows advanced control over how much you spend at a casino with its popular budget tool control feature

Transactions with Revolut are fast and usually take only seconds to complete, even withdrawals if you live in a country where instant withdrawals are available.


Revolut casino Transfer Times

Mobile digital wallets like Revolut are popular payment methods because they are very fast, with transactions being done in a matter of minutes or seconds. 

When you are thinking that normal bank transfers could take whole days to complete, it makes sense to use a digital wallet that can cut that time by a lot. 

There are some exceptions even for Revolut casinos because the withdrawal timeframes are dependent on both your geolocation and each particular casino operator. 

Each gambling website offers a specific timeframe for Revolut withdrawals and there are countries where the instant withdrawal function of Revolut is not working. Both of these elements can greatly change the time you wait for your money to be transferred. 


How secure is Revolut?

The safety of its customers is Revolut’s priority and that’s why this casino transaction system is among the safest payment methods in the world.

All your banking information, like bank account number or credit card number, or personal information, will not be used in a transaction, which means that no third party or bad actor can get access to them.

You can say that Revolut offers bullet-proof fraud protection when it comes to electronic money transfers because all transactions are verified either by a password selected by you or through a state-of-the-art Touch ID verification system.


How to choose a casino that accepts Revolut

Revolut is a company that made a smart market choice when it comes to its niche. Addressing a young sector of the population boosted this transaction system’s popularity a lot. Since mobile casinos are nowadays very popular, online casinos Revolut quickly became one of the preferred transaction methods among gamblers. 

The number of Revolut online casinos is quite large and here at 10Casinos, we have selected the best of them and compiled them in a list. To do so, we took into consideration the expertise of our team and also other real gamblers’ experience with each of them.

While we can’t say exactly which one is the best for you, since not all these Revolut gambling websites will be everyone’s cup of tea, you can check the Top Rated Casino page where the casinos are sorted out according to players’ ratings.

By claiming a great bonus like a Revolut no deposit bonus can greatly boost your start. That’s why we have created the  No Deposit Casinos page where we display which Revolut online casinos have a no deposit bonus promotion.


Alternative banking options

Revolut is a great payment method for all mobile devices users, especially since it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. However, it’s always nice to have an alternative in case your preferred online casino is not accepting Revolut.

revolut alternative payment solutions

Credit cards like those available at Visa gambling websites or Maestro casinos are by far the most popular casino payment methods on the market in all countries where gambling is legal. Their popularity comes from the fact that transactions are decently fast and the limits are very high. However, they don’t offer the same level of security as Revolut or other e-wallets. 

E-wallets come with pretty much similar benefits as Revolut and the most popular e-wallets can be found at sites like  PayPal casinos or Skrill gambling websites. Transfers are done pretty much in the same manner,  removing banking or personal information. They are very fast and allow high limits, however, just like Revolut, some taxes may appear for each transaction. 

You can always check our all banking page and use the country accepted to see all the banking options available in your country.


International availability

There are plenty of sites that accept Revolut as a payment option and the potential of this transaction system is far from being full. They plan on reaching 100 million customers by 2025 and taking into consideration the current growth, they just might succeed in doing so. 

Given their expansion plans, we will probably see more online casinos accepting Revolut in the future, as this payment method will cross the boundaries of Europe and spread to all parts of the world.


Want to play right away? Check out all the Revolut casinos

Revolut has established itself as one of the best payment methods in Europe, being fast and safe. Its popularity keeps increasing and even tho it is not yet accepted by all casinos around the world, we might see that happening soon.

Now that you have completed reading our Revolut casinos review and you know everything about how this great payment method functions and what it got to offer, just scroll back to the list, pick a Revolut online casino and register an account there! 


Revolut Casinos FAQ

Why should I use Revolut?
Revolut is one of the best mobile wallets on the market offering plenty of features for both transfers and spending control. All transactions done with Revolut are fast and secure because no banking or personal information is used in the process.
Is Revolut accepted by all online casinos?
Currently, Revolut managed to spread in over 130 countries, accepting accounts in over 29 currencies. The number of online casinos accepting Revolut is quite large, especially in Europe. However, this payment method didn’t manage to reach worldwide popularity yet.
Are my details safe with Revolut?

Yes, all transactions done with Revolut are completely safe because, like all e-wallets and mobile wallets, Revolut adds another layer of security acting as a middleman between the website you are spending money and your credit card or bank account. 

When you are making online transactions you can rest assured that no third party will have access to your personal information.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Revolut?
Yes, Revolut online casinos offer players the ability to do both deposits and withdrawals through this method. Keep in mind that not all withdrawals will be instantaneous since it depends on both your geolocation and each particular casino operator.


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