8 Popular Casino Payment Methods any Online Gambler Should Know

  • Sep 12, 2019
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Money makes the world go round, and that’s a fact we won’t argue against, not even in this particular case of online gambling. That being said, using the proper tools to handle your funds - that is, to easily and safely deposit and withdraw them when you’re playing for real money at your favorite online casino - is extremely important. Below, we’ve put together a list of payment methods that have managed to gain popularity among online gambling enthusiasts, so keep reading to learn, compare, and pick the best option for you!




With millions of users, Neteller is an electronic wallet that operates all over the world. Accessibility is not the only reason which makes it a great option for online casino players, and we’ll discuss below some key factors which will help you decide whether Neteller is right for you or not:


  • Free Sign-Up: Opening an account with Neteller is completely free! And quite easy and fast too! In fact, you can take a look at this video tutorial to learn how to get started with Neteller:

  • Supported Currencies: Neteller supports a total of 26 currencies at the moment. Given the fact that its services are available in more than 200 countries, this means you’ll have access to the most commonly-used currencies to perform transactions worldwide.
  • Instant Casino Transactions: Since Neteller is an e-wallet, depositing and withdrawing funds to and from casino accounts will be done in the shortest time, if not instantly!
  • Exclusive Offers: The fact that Neteller has a page on their website dedicated to online casino bonuses demonstrates just how far they would go to cater to their users’ needs. If you want to grab a good deal, simply head to their Gambling Promotions section.
  • Security: Neteller employs the latest technology to ensure all transactions are realized via secure ways. They claim that they use “military-grade” encryption for the transmission of all information, which is then stored in highly secure centers.


  • Added Fees: While opening an account with Neteller won’t cost you a dime, transactions do carry extra charges. This includes uploading and withdrawing funds to and from your Neteller account, currency exchange, and money transfer. For a complete list, check out the Neteller Fees page.


Back in 2010, it was considered the fastest growing firm of its type in the United Kingdom, according to The Sunday Times. Today, the company caters to millions of users worldwide, including, of course, online casino players. Should you use Skrill for your gambling transactions? Keep reading to decide for yourself!


  • Quick, Easy and Free Account Setup: If you don’t have an account with Skrill yet, you can open one in minutes. The process is really simple and it won’t cost you anything. If you want to learn how it’s done, you can do so by watching the video below:

  • A Multitude of Currencies: Skrill supports accounts in over 40 currencies, so there’s a high chance you’ll be able to open an account in your local currency. This can greatly increase the ease of payments and casino transactions.
  • Plenty Of Ways To Fund Your Account: Once that you’ve created your Skrill account, you’ll need to fund it, and you have over 100 options to choose from, ranging from the most common ones like Neteller or Bitcoin to local payment methods.
  • Free Transfers to Bank Accounts: If you want to keep winnings in your bank account, without linking it to your online casino, Skrill is a perfect choice. It will charge no extra fees to send money to your bank account.
  • Dedicated Casino Offers: Another advantage of using Skrill for online gambling is the fact that you’ll have access to a generous selection of casino bonuses exclusively for players that use this particular payment method.
  • Quick Transactions: Depositing money via Skrill into your casino account is done instantly, so you’ll be able to start gambling right away! Withdrawals are quick too, as once the casino verifies your payment request, you’ll immediately receive your winnings.


  • USA Restricted Use: Outside New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, you will not be able to use Skrill for gambling purposes in the United States territory.
  • Inactivity Fee: Should you not use your account for a period larger than 12 months in a row, Skrill will start deducting from your funds a service fee of €5.00 or the equivalent in your currency every month.


EcoPayz has been around since 2000, and, in 2009, they were the first financial institution to launch a dedicated iPhone app. Since then, they have grown in popularity and amassed a large number of users, which allowed the service to become an attractive payment method for online gambling enthusiasts.


  • Free Registration: All you have to do to open a new ecoPayz account is complete a form, so the process is pretty fast and, of course, free! Check the video below and see how it’s done:

  • Multi-Currency Accounts: This feature really makes ecoPayz stand out from the crowd. The e-wallet allows you to use up to 10 currencies on a single account. And that’s a default feature nevertheless! Considering the fact that ecoPayz supports 45 different currencies, being able to use 10 of them sure comes in handy.
  • Multiple Funding Options: To get money into your ecoPayz account, you can use a selection of payment methods such as Visa, paysafecard, and Trustly. All you have to do is to find one you’re already familiar with and deposit to your new e-wallet!
  • Member Rewards: Every now and then, ecoPayz runs promotions which can reward you with some really nice prizes. Furthermore, the payment service also collaborates with partners to come up with attractive deals on a monthly basis.


  • Unavailable in the United States: Unfortunately, if you’re a United States citizen, you won’t be able to use ecoPayz, but there are always alternatives such as Neteller to go for!
  • Service Fee: Just like in the case of the previously mentioned payment method, should your account be inactive for more than one year, an amount of $1.66 will be deducted from your balance on a monthly basis.


These days, an incredible number of 286 million people use PayPal’s financial services. The numbers are in continuous growth, and they don’t seem to be dropping soon. This has resulted in PayPal being added as a payment method by a considerable number of online casinos in many corners of the world.


  • Free Sign-up: Just like the majority of payment methods on this list, PayPal too offers free registration. In the video below you can see a step-by-step tutorial to set up your personal account.

  • Easy to Use: A great thing about PayPal is that you won’t have to input your payment details each time you deposit/withdraw at online casinos. All you have to do is to use your email address and account password and you’ll be good to go!
  • Instant Conversion: If you don’t want to go through the process of converting your funds to match the casino’s currency, you’ll be happy to know that PayPal does this automatically. There is, of course, an added fee, but it does surpass the base exchange rate with more than 4.0%.
  • Fast Transactions: With PayPal, the money you want to deposit into your casino account will be added to your balance immediately, once the transaction is confirmed. To withdraw, simply provide the casino your email address and, once the operators approve your request, the money will reach you just as fast!


  • Unavailable For Gambling In The United States: While players from the US can open accounts with PayPal, they cannot use them for gambling purposes. Don’t be discouraged by this, though, as there are plenty of e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill to try instead.


When it emerged in 2009, Bitcoin was the only form of electronic cash of its kind and aimed to reshape the monetary transactions as we know them. It is a reward for a process called mining, which involves solving elaborate mathematical equations via dedicated computing systems. However, it can also be purchased with fiat money. For a better explanation, watch the short clip below:


  • No Intermediaries: Bitcoin is not dependent on any central banking system and all transactions are peer-to-peer, which means you won’t have to rely on an intermediary to transfer funds into your casino account. 
  • Increased Privacy: All your transactions are connected to addresses, rather than individuals. Therefore, while transaction information will still be public, they will not carry your personal information.
  • High-Level Security: All the information for storing and transacting Bitcoins is kept in wallets specially designed with the purpose of keeping them safe. They vary in safety levels, ranging from online version to paper ones.
  • Worldwide Availability: As mentioned before, Bitcoin is not dependant on any central banking system, so you can use them for gambling purposes anywhere in the world, without restriction!


  • Volatility: In time, the value of Bitcoin has greatly varied, with an all-time high of almost $ 20,000. This makes it a somewhat risky investment, as it’s difficult to predict what will happen to Bitcoin in the future.
  • High Costs: If you don’t already own Bitcoin, you’d have to invest a considerable amount of money. Whether it is for a system powerful enough to mine the coins yourself or to buy directly, the cost is still quite high.


paysafecard is a prepaid voucher available in 47 countries across 6 continents, supporting as many as 27 different currencies. It can be purchased from special sales points, coming in preset denominations of 25, 50, 75 or 100 in the currency of the place it’s purchased it. There are larger vouchers for high rollers too, but those can be found at PayPoint outlets.

How to use Paysafecard instructions

  • Easy to Use: Depositing with paysafecard is pretty much like using a gift card. Simply input the code, choose how much you want to deposit and the money will be quickly transferred into your casino account. To check your voucher’s balance, you can use the same 16-digit code to check it on their official website.
  • Anonymous Transactions: To deposit money in your casino account, all you’ll need the 16-digit PIN number that comes with your purchase. Therefore, your personal information or bank account won’t be connected to the transaction.
  • Funds Management: Since paysafecard comes with a predefined amount of money, you can easily limit the money you spend on online gambling by selecting a voucher with the approximate value you’re willing to wager.


  • Deposits Only: Given the nature of this payment method, it cannot be used to withdraw winnings from your casino balance. This means you’ll have to use at least two services to transfer money to and from your account.
  • Limited Funds: Since the paysafecard voucher comes pre-loaded with funds, you won’t be able to keep topping out your casino wallet once you run out of funds. This might be unpleasant if you don’t feel like taking a break to purchase a new voucher.


The Swedish company aims to provide solutions for Online Banking ePayments by relying on PayPal and TransferWise. To make payments via Trustly, customers need to provide their banking credentials and the service will take care of the transaction on their behalf.


  • No Sign-Up: If you don’t want to go through the ordeal of a lengthy and complicated registration process, Trustly is the right payment for you, as it does not require signing up at all!
  • Pay N Play: Dedicated to online casino players, Trustly’s Pay N Play greatly simplifies the sign-up process for gambling websites by combining depositing and signing up in a single easy and quick one. Check out more about how it works below:

  • No Service Fees: Trustly does not impose any additional taxes for transactions but keep in mind that gambling websites might charge you an extra fee and we advise you to check out each website’s terms and conditions for these details.
  • Instant Transactions: Transactions via Trustly are completed instantly, so you’ll have access to your gambling funds right away to get back to your games!
  • Play at No Account Casinos: Using Trustly, you can play at online gambling sites which do not require registration. That’s a step you no longer have to take to start gambling quicker!


  • Europe Only: Unfortunately, this payment method is available in only 29 European countries, which means it has very limited use.
  • Bank Account Required: To use Trustly, it is absolutely mandatory to connect your bank account to them.


The last entry on our list has only been around since 2016, but even in such a short time, it has managed to gain quite the popularity in the online gambling community, especially in the United Kingdom. Zimpler is a pay-by-phone banking method which allows you to add an extra layer of privacy between your bank and the casino.


  • Ease Of Use: All you have to remember to use Trustly is your phone number. The service keeps everything else safely for you! To see just how simple it is to make payments with it, watch the really short clip below!
  • Extra Protection: The way Zimpler works, basically, is by mediating transactions between your bank or payment method of choice and your casino account, keeping your personal information more secure.
  • Payment Options Variety: You can connect a multitude of payment methods to your Zimpler account, from cards to bank accounts and bills. 


  • Limited Availability: Sadly, this payment method has very limited availability and, for example, players from the United States will not be able to opt for it when gambling online.
  • Not Always Available for Withdrawals: While there are plenty of casino sites which will allow you to deposit via Zimpler, sometimes you might not be able to withdraw using the same service. You should always check beforehand to see which are your options!

If you have already decided on a payment service to use in your next gambling session and you want to browse its particular casino directory, you can do so by opening the Payment drop list at the top of the page. 

Right now, you can browse through selections of casinos featuring top banking services:

Don’t forget that each list can be expanded with the help of the SHOW MORE button, so you’ll be able to check out all the gambling websites featuring a particular payment method. Additionally, to see what deposit and withdrawal options you can use at a certain casino, you can visit its review page and click on the Banking button, as pictured in the image below:

10Casino online payment methods available at online casinos
Our post focuses on the most popular online casino payment methods, with pros and cons. We have presented you with both strong and weak points for each one, so you can decide for yourself what is best for you. As different players have different needs, you might have even discovered financial services which might be right for you, but about which you have never heard until now.


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