What is the Worst Time to Play Slots at the Casino?

  • May 18, 2022
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The gambling world is full of myths, some true, some less true and there are plenty of people that believe there is a right time and a wrong time to play slot machines. In today’s article, we will explore this myth and see what is the truth behind it.

First, we need to mention that all the modern slots, no matter if we are talking about physical machines or video slots like those present at the best RTG casinos, work based on a complex mathematical algorithm called an RNG (Random Number Generator). This means that it’s actually impossible to determine when the slot will pay and when it will not.

So, if the outcome is completely random, why was this myth perpetuated for so long? Well, in the early days of slots, when people had to put in coins, the algorithms were not all that advanced and playing that mechanical machine a lot, by a lot of people could actually influence the outcome positively or negatively.

The myth also has some true roots even today in the case of land-based slot machines. It is believed that if more people are on the casino floor the progressive jackpot tends to have better chances of getting claimed.

casino timing

The myth is partially true, but that’s only because more people are playing that specific slot so the chances that one of them will eventually claim the progressive jackpot are greatly increased.

That’s why many players tend to go to a casino in the morning. If the jackpot was not claimed the previous night, there is a great chance that it can be claimed in the hours of the morning. 

When Are the Worst Moments to Play Slots?

We already discussed that most slots, especially the video slot machines like those available at low wagering casinos do not follow the myths very closely. However, many players are still convinced that the enduring myth of slots paying more or less according to certain times is true. Let's explore the most common elements of this myth.

  • Slots should be played at casinos during certain promotions or holidays -  This part of the myth has some true basics. For example, some casinos may offer a “Double Jackpot Friday” when you can win more. However, keep in mind that the chances of winning the jackpot are not increased. 

It's mainly a marketing strategy to attract more customers. Sure, if you are lucky enough to grab the jackpot, you’ll get double the money but the odds remain however low.

  • Slots pay more at night - This is the part of the myth that is completely fake. Odds are not improved during the night time compared to the daytime. The reason why this part of the myth endured is the fact that the atmosphere in the casino at night is much more engaging. 

There are more people, and free drinks at the bar and it’s an overall more exciting gambling feeling compared to the day hours when everything is more casual.

  • Hot slots/cold slots - This myth endured from the early days of the slot machines when playing a slot a lot by many people for a long time, could slightly influence the mechanics of the machine. However, since modern slots are completely electronic, no matter how burning hot or freezing cold they would be, they will still display completely random results.

When Is Not the Best Time to Play Slots

There are also some moments when it’s not recommended to play slots at all, that are scientifically proven, wherever we are talking about physical machines or online slots. If you want to improve your odds and stay away from problems you should definitely stick to the list below and avoid playing in these moments:

  • Never play when you have a bad day - Not all the days of our lives are all unicorns and rainbows, however, trying to gamble in order to forget about the problems you encountered over the day will only make things worse. Without being completely focused, you won’t be able to make the best decisions and you can end up losing a lot.

  • Never gamble if you show signs of gambling addiction - Gambling addiction is a very serious issue. If you show any signs, you might consider taking a break from gambling for a while or speaking to a specialist.

  • Never chase a losing streak - Even the luckiest gambler has a bad day. Never try to gamble in order to recover your losses or even bet more to get it all back in one win. You will only make it worse and chances are that you will lose more in the long run. It’s better to call it a day and come back another time when you are able to make better decisions.

  • Never gamble all your budget at once - If you are a high roller, this advice will probably not affect you as much, however, for a low roller, risking all the balance in one go can put you out for quite a while. It’s common sense that if you don’t gamble, you can’t actually win so it’s better to spread your budget into multiple sessions. In the end, winning smaller prizes but more often and risking less can pile up.

Tricks to Improve your Odds

slots ods

We already talked about when it’s not a good time to test your skills at those slots, however, even if online slot machines are games of chance, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

When possible opt to gamble online

Online casinos have far lower maintenance fees compared to a land-based gambling establishment. For players, this is translated into a better RTP (Return to Player), a lower house edge and smaller bets.

In addition, you will be able to get casino bonuses and promotions which is impossible at a land-based establishment. The smaller operating costs allow gambling websites to offer plenty of promotions to attract new customers and you can see this as a two-way street. The casino gets a new client and you get additional money to gamble with.

Lastly, the selection of slots available at a gambling website is far larger compared to a land-based casino. Without being limited by physical space, an online casino can offer thousands of slot titles to meet every taste and need.

Claim a bonus whenever possible

This piece of advice is closely related to the one above. Because online casinos offer bonuses and promotions, you should take advantage of this and grab a bonus when you register. The most common promotions you will encounter will be the match-up deposit bonuses, however, with a little patience, you can even find a rare no deposit bonus.

It’s actually quite easy to do that from our no deposit bonus casino list where we show online casinos with a no deposit promotion currently ongoing.

Surely, no deposit bonuses are smaller in size compared to other bonuses, but the fact that they require no sort of investment, as their name suggests, makes them ideal for beginners and casual players. 

Stick to “High Paying Slots”

All slots will have an RTP (Return to Player) percentage that’s usually displayed on the slot’s provider’s website. The bigger the RTP is, the lower the house edge is. Usually, slots nowadays stick around a market standard caught between 90-95%, at least the online slots. 

Some physical slot machines may go lower to around 80+% because as mentioned above, games at a land-based gambling establishment tend to have a bigger house edge.

There are however a couple of titles on the market with an RTP of 98% and even 99%. If you are a casual player and not a high roller, you should most definitely check these titles and leave the more “risky ones” to seasoned players and high rollers. 

Test the Slots for Free

A great perk of playing online is the fact that you can test the slots before actually deciding which one is the best for you. As expected, you won’t be able to do that in a land-based casino. You can play the slots for as long as you want online without having to invest a penny since software providers often include a demo version in all their games.

This way, you can see what game is right for you and you can experience it without the risk of losing any money. 

Final Thoughts

We busted the myth of right and wrong times to play slots. Surely, there are some moments, as shown above, when you would want to stay away from gambling and there are a couple of slots that pay out more in the long run.

The right answer to when it’s the right time to play slots is simple. Whenever you are feeling lucky and you treat gambling as it should be, just simple, casual fun.


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